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Anger and Conflict Management

Training and Development

The Anger and Conflict Management training course will leave you armed with simple, practical and powerful conflict management skills that you can utilise in the workplace and in your personal life.

Employees often experience anger, frustration and conflict which if not resolved and managed can lead to increased stress and decreased productivity. The anger and conflict program will help employees deal with anger and conflict in a positive, energising manner. It will give the delegates helpful steps to manage anger in themselves and others. It will help them cope with stress and transform the way they manage emotions in themselves and in their work and home environment.

The course will address frequently asked questions such as:

  • What is conflict and how can I manage it?
  • When is conflict needed?
  • How do I know I need anger management?
  • Is anger bad and will I learn not to be angry?
  • How do I calm down angry people?

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NQF Level 4

Who should attend?

  • Any Level of Employee Who Deal With Stressful Circumstances.
  • Employees Who Have Difficulty Dealing With Anger, Conflict and Stress.

Training Outline

Conflict Management

  • What Is Conflict?
  • A Typical Escalation
  • Clarifying Confusion About Conflict
  • When Is Conflict Needed?
  • Conflict Is A Problem When It:
  • Types Of Managerial Actions That Cause Workplace Conflicts
  • Key Managerial Actions / Structures To Minimise Conflicts
  • How Do People Respond To Conflict? Fight Or Flight?
  • Ways People Deal With Conflict
  • What Factors Can Affect Our Conflict Modes?
  • Conflict Is The Stuff Of Life
  • Creating An Individual Conflict Management Plan
  • 10 Steps To Long Term Conflict Management

Anger Management

  • Managing Anger – An Introduction
  • Symptoms Of Anger
  • Strategies To Keep Anger At Bay
  • 8 Anger Management Techniques
  • Anger Management Tips: 10 Ways To Tame Your Temper
  • Develop your anger management skills
  • Quick list of ways to cope with anger
  • How To Calm Down Angry People
  • Anger Management Exercises
  • Conclusion: Anger Management Is A Thinking Person’s Game

Self-assessment exercises

  • Self-Assessment Exercise (1) – Conflict
  • Self-Assessment Exercise (2) – Anger

Additional Information

Course Duration: 1 Day

Presented : In-house and online



  • Comprehensive manual
  • Framed certificate of attendance
  • Notepad & Pen
  • Superior training venue with delicious lunch, teas and refreshments

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