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Coaching and Mentoring skills

Training and Development

This training course will equip leaders with the tools to implement a mentoring and coaching approach to help unlock potential, reinforce strengths and counteract any negative behaviour, all with the aim of maximising the individual’s performance.

The concept and implementation of Mentoring and Coaching of individuals in business have grown significantly in recent years in South Africa as business recognises the increased value of retaining and growing star performers. Regular sessions keep individuals on track in terms of the values, vision and strategy of the business and assist in the development of people in organisations.

The course will address frequently asked questions such as:

  • When is coaching and mentoring needed?
  • What Are the Common Things Coaches and Mentors Are Expected To Do?
  • Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts of coaching and mentoring?
  • What does a Coaching Toolkit contain?
  • How to Measure the Intervention?

NQF Level 5

coaching mentoring

Who should attend?

  • Middle Management
  • Supervisors
  • Senior Management
  • Executive Management

Training Outline

The Principles of Coaching and Mentoring Clarified

  • What Is Coaching and Mentoring
  • The Methodology
  • The Checklist
  • When Is Coaching and Mentoring Needed
  • What Are the Common Things Coaches and Mentors Are Expected To Do
  • Benefits
  • Do’s And Don’ts

How to Create Rapport as a Mentor and Coach

  • How to Communicate Like a Coach and Mentor – Coaching Structure and Jargon
  • What Questions to Ask and How Conversations Look
  • How to Speak Like a Coach – The 7 Coaching Principles/Tools

How to Measure the Coaching and Mentoring Intervention

  • Goal Setting
  • Strategy
  • Actions
  • Generating Insights and Learnings
  • Challenges/Problems
  • Roadblocks
  • How to Align Individual Values with Company Values as a Tool for Direction and Focus
  • How to Improve the Decision Making Process
  • How to Implement Successful Performance Appraisals

A Coaching Toolkit

Self-Assessment Exercises


Additional Information

Course Duration: 2 Days

Presented : In-house and online



  • Comprehensive manual
  • Framed certificate of attendance
  • Notepad & Pen
  • Superior training venue with delicious lunch, teas and refreshments

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