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Customer Intelligence

Training and Development

The Customer Intelligence training course equips you with the tools and skills to enhance your own Emotional Intelligence as well as that of your fellow team members, improve your inter-personal skills, communication skills and enables you to deal with conflict in an effective manner. It will equip you with tools to manage yourself and your team in an emotionally intelligent manner.

Customer Service is not a department, but an attitude. Customer service is the ability to provide a service or product in the way that it has been promised and then aiming to exceed the customer’s expectations. The course will also focus on Internal customer care and getting your organization and team to work together.

The course will address frequently asked questions such as:

  • How can effective communication improve my customer service skills?
  • How do I manage anger in myself and others?
  • What are common customer emotions and how to deal with them?
  • How will increased EQ improve my customer service?
  • How do I handle complaints?
  • What is excellent customer service?
customer intelligence

Who should attend?

  • All Levels of Employees

Training Outline

Customer intelligence

  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • How to use emotional intelligence to provide exceptional customer service
  • How is EQ relevant to providing exceptional customer service?
  • Common customer emotions and dealing with them
  • How can emotional intelligence and empathy be used to power customer service?
  • How customer service executives can apply emotional intelligence to provide the best service
  • Tips to provide emotionally intelligent customer service
  • Customer service skills: using emotional intelligence to make a connection
  • Comparison of sympathy with empathy
  • Practical empathetic communication
  • Managing anger in yourself and others
  • How to calm down angry people?
  • Coping with confrontation

The importance of communication in customer service

  • Communication: the most important skills in customer service
  • Nine ways to improve communication in customer service and customer support
  • 10 Tips for effective communication with your customers

Transactional analysis

  • Roots of transactional analysis
  • Life positions, scripts and games
  • Ego states
  • In summary

The importance of customer service

  • What is excellent customer service?
  • The 16 customer service skills of great customer service agents
  • Customer service principles to deliver excellent customer service
  • Most important elements of service delivery according to customers
  • Common principles in delivering exceptional customer service
  • Do’s of customer service
  • Nothing is sweeter than your own name
  • Customer service staff key competencies
  • Moments of truth – a customer care process

Internal customer care

  • Internal customer service: getting your organization to work together
  • Benefits of exceptional internal customer service
  • How to create great teamwork and avoid silo’s
  • 10 Ingredients for a highly effective team

Modern telephone management skills

  • Telephone etiquette and powerful telephone tips
  • Answering calls
  • Making calls
  • Do’s of good telephone etiquette
  • Dont’s of good telephone etiquette
  • Zero tolerance examples


Additional Information

Course Duration: 2 Days

Presented : In-house and online



  • Comprehensive manual
  • Framed certificate of attendance
  • Notepad & Pen
  • Superior training venue with delicious lunch, teas and refreshments

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