Thursday, 21 January 2016 09:33

Anger & Conflict Management Feedback

"What aspects of the course did I enjoy the most? The way we should act and not react. Participation was fun and useful. Being able to follow the info in book provided"

Rosa-Lee Fourie

Pinnacle Africa (Pty) Ltd

"All was very helpful"

Gavin Rossouw

Brand/Product Manager

Pinnacle Africa (Pty) Ltd

"Well paced and informative, no need for improvement."

Vaughn Howell

Pinnacle Africa (Pty) Ltd

"The presenter made learning fun! Thank you!"

Prathna Singh

Saab EDS

“The course and facilitator was excellent.”

Ewald Erregger

Buhler (Pty Ltd)

“The course material was good and the course objective were met excellently. The presenter was very good at answering questions.”

Ben Hlongwane

John Deere