Training and Motivational Experts

Thursday, 21 January 2016 09:35

Business Etiquette Feedback

“I thought the facilitator was excellent, the training was informative and insightful. The breakdown of topics was very impressive”

Sefenefene Mangena

Forensic Specialist


“This course improved my confidence and morale. Keep up the good work!”

Modi Vinger

Skills Development Manager

Law Society of South Africa

“The course was wonderful, I have learned a lot about business handling, it was very impressive”

Julius Mogate

Facility Consultant


“The training was an eye opening experience and I believe that it will help enhance my skills”

Keanole Jane

Direct Marketing


“The training has changed my perspective on life and business dramatically, encouraged more positive habits”

Callaghan Joseph

Claims Processor


“ The biggest change this course has made for me is that I will focus on my body language and how I come across and to be positive in the workplace.”

Maria Mokwade

Senior Training Co-ordinator

Law Society of South Africa