Training and Motivational Experts

Thursday, 21 January 2016 09:39

Change & Diversity Management Feedback

"Thank you for the opportunity to have something like that. It was very informative and fun. And we understand age differences and cultures better.”

Salome Filmater

Procurement Manager

Powertech IST

“The presenter has got great experience in the working life and give great examples that are applicable in our everyday life and hassles. That’s more rewarding than notes can give. I will remember this 5 years from now.”

Yolandi Willemse

Production Engineer

Saab EDS

“Good humor. Excellent teambuilding. The presenter is full of energy!!!”

Ilunke Burger

Saab EDS

“Absolutely stunning.”

Bianca Breytenbach

Quality Administrator

Saab EDS

"It was fantastic, she is an excellent speaker and the session was very informative.”

Hetitia Fouche

Divisional Secretary

Powertech IST

“I think this course is very applicable & interesting. What I enjoyed the most was the active participation and the practical examples. The role play also makes it easy to understand.”

Morien Nel

Saab EDS