Thursday, 21 January 2016 09:59

Significant Secretary, Powerful PA Feedback

"I would like to thank you for this course. I have NEVER attended such a course in my entire life where I felt part of the training. The way this course was presented exceeded ALL other courses that I have ever attended!

Ms. Linette M. White

Personal Assistant to CEO of SAIP (Mr Brian Masara)

South African Institute of Physics

"It was very interactive instead of us listening to the facilitator and following in the manual. I think that was a much better way of training as I think because we shared ideas, experiences etc.. we learnt more. It really was a great 2 days”

Alexandra Spiliopoulos

Standard Bank

“I enjoyed it very much and would do it again any day.”

Gratitude Phokanoka

Standard Bank

“A fruitful course indeed particularly for eager and young people like us. I am going to implement everything I have learned as soon as I get to the office”

Lebo Maekela

NWU Vaal Campus

"The trainer was fantastic, unique and very engaging. She uses her bubbly personality, exceptional knowledge and amazing presentation skills to bring life to her training workshops and make them fun, meaningful and developmental to the participants. This was the most engaging and enjoyable training session I have attended.. Thank You for firing up our enthusiasm with your positive energy".

Ameetha Merhoye

WITS University


“This is just to say "Thank you"   I really learned so much and already start to practice some of the many things we have learned last week. The trainer’s presentation style is so comfortable and relaxing. One feel so important and she made me feel that I am not the only one with this "simple" problem. The feedback made me realise that we are so different and all issues can be resolved."

Cristal Muisoor

Executive Secretary

Namibia Water Corporation

"The presentation of the workshop was excellent. All that needed to be covered was covered. It came with a lot of awakening to me as to how we need to be in control, lead, plan and be organised. I am ready to go back to the office and manage my manager."

Boitumelo Molote

HR Goup Assistant


"The course reinforced why I love my job so much. Made me remember that I can make a difference in my directors’ daily activities & in my company’s achievements"

Nurenisha Aziz


Standard Bank

"I loved everything."

Maxine Ballakistan

MBS Transport