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Thursday, 21 January 2016 10:02

Workshops Feedback

"Thank you very much for your presentation to my Executive Team. It is always a pleasure listening to your presentations. You put issues into perspective and your energy and enthusiasm is very contagious."

Johan Nel

Chief Executive Officer

Iemas Financial Services

"Thank you for your passion, energy and enthusiasm and sharing sound business communication and listening skills with us. The workshop was presented in a professional manner, yet with humor and relevant practical examples throughout the workshop. 

I’m confident that every employee was truly challenged. We all realize that it is time to throw out the old rulebook and to embrace a new game plan. Your address has a very powerful message and certainly jolted our personnel into positive action with a greater awareness of attitudes, believe systems, the words we speak and our habits. I have personally experienced the inspiration, the creative action to which it leads and the results I expected."

Tinus Oelofse

Managing Director

Optilog (Pty) Ltd

“Thanks to the presenter for sharing her valuable knowledge with our members. The feedback has been overwhelming positive. The presenter is full of life’s energy and her bubbly personality enthralls the audience, many people indicated that they could have easily sat through another hour of her presentation. Her passion and dedication for the subject matter radiates from her soul.”

Bridget MacDonald

Society of Cosmetic Chemists South Africa

"Dear Elmarie, the following are comments (unaltered) given by the delegates on the evaluation forms, in terms of your presentation":

Interesting Topic

A nice hands-on presentation

I’ve enjoyed the presentation “Big Time”, very motivating – Well done!

It was an eye opener, very motivating. She’s confident

That was a good motivational speech whereby one learned not to feel sympathy for other (unaltered!)

The speaker is very excellent, she knows the subject well. I think she should also be invited in future for other topics

Excellent, truly motivating

Ria Loubser

Vice Executive President & Conference Organiser


"It has been a few days now since we had our teambuilding workshop; obviously giving us some time to digest our experiences of last Monday and Tuesday. On Thursday we had our regular Mechanical Team meeting where we all had a chance to briefly reflect on our experiences from the workshop. The comments were all overwhelmingly positive, more so than any other team exercise that I’ve experienced so far with this bunch.

If we try hard enough, sometimes we will get lucky, and this is such a case of bringing all this together; me, you, the team, the venue… You have mentioned a few times, “thank you for trusting me…” but there must have been a trust the other way as well.

You blindly accepted the challenge to face this team in a foreign environment…woman alone. In my book, that’s courageous."

Paul Dornbrack

Sasol Technology Fuels Research

"Merging two small enterprises into one business while increasing the services and products business offer at the same time, leads to bewildered reactions from management and staffers. Gone is the stable environment where everyone knew exactly what, where, when and how to make their unique contribution to mutual success.

 Optilog turned to the Mindspa Institute at just this stage, and just in time!

 Elmarie workshopped management and staff through a difficult session to rid people of preoccupations with the old ways, while establishing sound guidelines for interpersonal as well as business communication and conduct. Practical workplace examples and fielding of questions from the floor promoted understanding and acceptance of the value of the day long session.

By adding a basic overview of the change management process, an almost tangible mood of supportive behaviour and renewed commitment became evident at the social gathering held to conclude the day. 

The success of the event can be judged by the numerous requests for a follow up session, and the many new inputs from all concerned to meet our profit targets!"

Johan Slabbert

Chairman of the Board


"I wanted to use this opportunity to thank you for the excellent management workshop that you facilitated for our executive team. I think it was 100% on target and that we all have a better focus."

Perie Franken

Operational Manager

ProjectLink Consulting (Pty) Ltd

"Elmarie, thank you for a great and wonderful presentation. Your presentation made a great impression on my colleagues and I received excellent feedback. Lake International is proud of our association and are happy to recommend your services to any organisation."

Ilse Channer

Lake International Technologies

"The session on the 1st, although opportunistic on my behalf, was very refreshing. I was a visitor to Lake for two days and I appreciate management including me in your presentation. I have completed a host of similar sessions over the years but must admit that your style and content fits exceptionally well with your business name. I find that Australian businesses (in general) pay lip service to and generally lack the fundamentals when it comes to delivering tangible results on people management. I found your content was stimulating and relevant with something there for all participants. And needless to say it was very well delivered."

Neil Mulcahy

General Manager

Seed Solutions (Australia)

"As you can see, the feedback was extremely positive and we would be delighted to have you back for similar presentations.”

Denelle Marais

Public Relations

Powertech IST

"This was a very, very interesting, informative and useful workshop. We can all benefit from it – highly recommended”

T. Wehrle

Sales Administrator

Optron Geomatrix

"Elmarie, WELL done on the excellent feedback I received. You were a winner in the training intervention – exactly what I suspected. Thank you for continuing to make a difference to our colleagues’ lives."

Wilma van Heerden

HRD Specialist Sasol

Learning and Development Centre

"We had the pleasure of having Elmarie for a full day workshop to enlighten and assist our female staff members with the pressures of everyday life, work stresses and basic coping skills. The course material was relevant to all levels of employees, informative, entertaining and simple enough to have a strong impact. The ladies were encouraged to join in with discussions and even our most introverted staff members ended up laughing, sharing and learning. All my staff commented that they felt liberated, uplifted and energized.

This is made all the more meaningful by having the workshop presented by Elmarie herself. She has tremendous life and work experience but she also lives her life as she teaches it and this radiates from within her and inspires all those around her to want to do the same."

Colleen Henry

Spectrum Visual Networks - Primedia Group


"Thank you for a great and mind refreshing workshop! I really learned some great lessons and are looking forward to attending more of your training."

Sandile Masina


Ernst & Young

"I wish to share the following experiences with the reader of this letter in light of my personal as well as our company’s dealings with Mrs. Elmarie Pretorius.

First and foremost, I will start with the end in mind stating that I would recommend her services to any company. Why? She’s not your typical outsourced consultant. She has a good understanding of how to manage business risk, knowledge of where to place key people and to implement processes to protect the business. She has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to strategy development as well as the implementation of the strategy to the point of realising the strategic objectives. In addition to this, her intentions are true and not empty sales talk.

Based on the fact that she has personal experience as an executive leader, this in-depth understanding of the business dynamics including the vital role of human capital development, enables her to formulate influence strategies i.e. drive exceptional levels of motivation. She communicates with impact and in a compelling manner to both individual and group situations, easily adjusting language to capture and keep the attention of the audience. She uses open-ended question style presentations to explore and clarify operational and strategic information, checks for understanding and uses appropriate techniques to move others to action or to gain agreement. She has a great ability to summarise outcomes of discussions and to establish the next step, if needed. She is comfortable with herself, establishing trust easily with an individual or team. Once this trust is solid, motivation becomes natural from within the team.

I would personally recommend any business to make use the skills of Elmarie Pretorius."

Jacques Breytenbach


Primedia Publishing