Training and Motivational Experts

Delene van Dyk

delene van dykDelene is a Nurse Therapist and Nurse Educator by profession and holds a BCur (IetA) from the University of Pretoria.

She runs her own Pretoria based consultancy, 2nd Sight Consultants, since June 2010 focusing on training, development and mentorship of individuals and groups, to understand Human Sexuality better and integrating it with Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights work. Her

work includes the prevention of HIV and Gender Based Violence, especially with regard to the needs of sexual minorities and key populations. She consults to various NGO’s in Africa, including OUT LGBT Wellbeing.

She has trained and sensitised more than 10 000 people over the past 8 years, nationally, in the SADC and internationally, developed and edited various training materials, and presented papers and workshops at ten international conferences, latest being the World Association of Sexual Health Congress in Singapore, where her training modality was acknowledged as ground-breaking in understanding gender and sexual identity and behavior.

She is an Executive Board Member of SASHA (The Southern African Sexual Health Association).

She is a member of WISH (Women in Sexual Health) and PsySSA (Psychological Society of South Africa).

She is a psychosexual educator and part of the multidisciplinary team in private practice, My Sexual Health.

As part of the core group of PsySSA’s Sexuality and Gender Division (SGD), she contributed to the development of the PsySSA Sexual and Gender Diversity Position Statement.

She is well known for offering insightful workshops, e.g. Sex[D]uality+ and Sex.Ed4Adults, in conjunction with renowned sexologists, as well as a one-woman on-stage production, Pandora se Doos.