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Natasha Dickinson

Natasha DickinsonAfter being inspired by the movie Silence of the Lambs, Natasha Dickinson decided to embark on a career in forensic psychology. It was only while completing her post-grad at Stellenbosch University that she realised that there was no Quantico in South Africa. She therefore decided to go and find herself and do what the millennials of her generation did at that time, and that was go and teach English in Asia. That is where she spent the best 5 years of her life, and first fell in love with educating others.

Her next qualification was her teaching certification, and she thought now she was set for life. That was until she met high school students. Still not one to give up, Natasha put on her thinking cap and thought maybe she’d get less sarcasm from adults, and she was right. And thus, she embarked on her career of university lecturing and corporate training. That was 11 years ago. For 4 of those years she worked in Germany, training for Airbus, Unilever and Philips. All of these experiences introduced her to new people, big ideas and global concepts that helped shape the person she is today.

Natasha sees herself as a bit of an “entertrainer” and facilitator of change. Three words that would describe her facilitation style would be interactive, learner-centred and fun (is that 4 words?). In training interventions, she tries to examine competency and performance gaps and recommend sustainable solutions to improve productivity. She has considerable experience training hundreds and hundreds of employees and managers and is known for her motivational and humorous training style. This is not always easy when she is regarded as an SME in the credit space, having developed and implemented training programmes for a range of companies in the finance industry like Compuscan, FNB, Mercedes Finance and the National Credit Regulator.

Her experience in soft-skills training is also vast, and she gets to put all that psychology studies of hers to good use. Natasha aims to motivate her learners to change their mind set, use new skills, and change their behaviours. Natasha is really passionate about transforming people.

She also idolises Elvis Presley, loves Star Trek and Star Wars, and rides a motorcycle.