Training and Motivational Experts

Twanette Fourie

I studied Public Relations Management at Tshwane University of Technology.  From B-Tech level my love affair with communication science grew stronger and deeper.  Behavioural  Intelligence was the underpinning rational for my M-Tech Public Relations Management qualification which I obtained Cum Laude in 2010.  Throughout my academic and professional career I have pursued an understanding of intrapersonal and interpersonal relations evident in the multidisciplinary approach I found in the Certified Professional Coach programme I am currently enrolled in at  International Coaching Academy.  I have a thirst for knowledge and understanding of behavioural intelligence and best practice thereof which informs my decisions on academic and professional level.

My career in communication training and coaching started in 1999 when I was appointed as part-time lecturer in Communication Science and Public Relations Management at Tshwane University of Technology: Department Public Relations & Business Communication.  Over and above my training portfolio at TUT, I also designed and presented workplace readiness courses and life skills courses for students from various departments and project managed the second-year students’ Corporate Social Investment projects over a number of years.  Parallel to my lecturing engagement at TUT I embraced my role as independent communication specialist in 1999 as I guide individuals, groups and companies in their private and professional capacity to reach personal mastery through the practice of behavioural intelligence.

Speciality:  Guide individuals and groups on a personal and professional level to elevate their level of self-mastery through the practice of behavioural intelligence through teaching, coaching and speaking.  .

  • Design and facilitate personal excellence interventions from graduate to management level.
  • Coach individuals and companies on personal development journeys.
  • Deliver inspirational speaking in workshop format for small and large groups in private and corporate capacity.

I believe life is intended to be beautiful and to support us to bring out the beauty in others regardless if our physical reality and our inner beliefs are aligned.   I believe my garden holds the same potential as people, if nurtured with wisdom, hope, love and expectation; you reap unexpected, unimaginable and deeply rewarding gifts.