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Further Education and Training Certificate: Business Administration Level 4

SAQA Qualification ID 61595 , NQF Level 4, 140 Credits | 20 OPSA CPD Points



The South African Qualification’s Authority (SAQA) has identified the core competencies which are essential for today’s top office professionals. The core of the Qualification offers the learner knowledge and skills in the management of records, business writing, problem solving, ethics, cultural awareness, self- management and self-development, project teamwork and business policies and procedures. This qualification will provide the broad knowledge; skills and values needed in the Administration field and will facilitate access to further education and training. The purpose of this qualification is to develop career paths in this field so as to offer people involved in Administration the opportunity to continue with a program of life-long learning, which will make them knowledgeable and skilled employees with enhanced employment opportunities


Course Designed For

This qualification is ideal for candidates who have been working in an administrative position for a minimum of 1 year as the sessions cover gap-training of concepts and principles relating to the specific topics and outcomes of this qualification. These sessions will also facilitate understanding of the evidence required to be collected for your Portfolio of Evidence.

Entry Requirements

Learners accessing this qualification are assumed to be competent in: Communication, Mathematical and Computer Literacy at NQF Level 3 (equivalent to Grade 10).

Qualification Objectives

  • Knowledge of the procedures for stock and fixed asset control
  • Develop administrative systems
  • Improve organisational effectiveness
  • Present reports in appropriate format
  • Manage service providers
  • Plan and organise own work
  • Establish and maintain sound working relationships
  • Comply with the organisation`s ethics and code of conduct
  • Maintain files and records as required
  • Set personal goals and develop and manage themself in a business context
  • Be aware of how fraud can be present in an office environment
  • Display cultural awareness in dealing with customers and colleagues
  • Identify and solve work related problems
  • Improve personal productivity
  • Be an effective member of a team and a knowledgeable worker

Qualification Outline

Module 1: Administration Management - Finance and Ethics

  • Administration and record storage procedures
  • Understanding stock and fixed asset management
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Organisational Finance and Budgets
  • Organisational Fraud and Ethics
  • Understanding organisational Codes of Conduct

Module 2: Professional Workplace Relationships

  • Understanding cultural diversity
  • Enhancing stakeholders and workplace relationships
  • Effective team work and delegation
  • Time management and prioritisation skills

Module 3: Research and Reports

  • Administration with service providers
  • Report writing

Module 4a: Maths Fundamentals

  • Statistics, probability, shapes and motion
  • Personal and business financial aspects

Module 4b: Second Language Fundamentals

  • Interpret texts in second language
  • Write and present in second language