Training and Motivational Experts

General Education and Training Certificate: Business Practice Level 1

SAQA Qualification ID 61755, NQF Level 1, 121 Credits



To realise the dream of a better life for all South Africans, the entrepreneurial energies of all people, especially the youth, should be harnessed to contribute towards economic development, job creation and the alleviation of poverty. Worldwide, various bodies and governments have recognised the importance of entrepreneurship in job creation and as a pre-requisite for sustainable economic development. Entrepreneurship development concerns the development of people’s potential as a country’s most valuable resource. Competent learners will be able to enter the work place in most sectors and be able to do the entry-level work required of them. Learners would have developed initiative, business skills and entrepreneurial skills, which they can apply in a company or in establishing their own small businesses. This qualification is ideal for developing entrepreneurs. It seeks to embed the six key literacies required by business organisations: numeracy, literacy, entrepreneurial, financial, technological and cognitive literacy.


Course Designed For

This qualification will be relevant to anyone preparing to become employed, self-employed or for newly appointed personnel in any type of business.

Qualification Objectives

  • Application of record keeping and the related processes
  • Understanding information systems in relation to record keeping
  • Processing instructions
  • Processing telephone calls
  • Maintaining standards of professionalism in relation to handling customer queries, applying business ethics and behaving appropriately in a business environment
  • Ensuring that office equipment is properly maintained
  • Managing time and work schedules effectively
  • Understanding the work context and how to solve problems within that work context
  • Resolving customer problems and queries

Qualification Outline

Understanding and applying entrepreneurial and business knowledge and attitude

  • Developing a basic business and financial awareness
  • Implementing methods of providing acceptable customer care
  • Identifying entrepreneurial opportunities and outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Demonstrating an understanding of a general business plan and adapting it to a selected business idea

Fundamental skills in a business environment

  • Identifying personal values and ethics in the workplace
  • Discussing basic issues relating to the nature of business, the stakeholders in a business and business profitability
  • Understanding how to advance your own learning while at work
  • Responding to incoming and developing outgoing communication
  • Using mathematical principles to solve problems
  • Monitoring compliance to safety, health and environmental requirements in a workplace
  • Demonstrating an understanding of sexuality and sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS

Effectively using information and communication technology

  • Using a personal computer for routine workplace purposes
  • Using standard software available in a broad range of offices to produce documents
  • Managing electronic information through the construction of directories and databases and the storing and retrieval of files

Incorporating life skills in an employment or self- employment situation

  • Practicing good health and grooming habits
  • Interpreting and implementing instructions
  • Managing your time
  • Understanding personal financial management and applying it to own business situation
  • Managing employment relations in an organization
  • Implementing and utilising equity-related processes, recruiting and selecting candidates to fill defined positions, inducting new employees, representing stakeholders in consultations and discussions on matters that arise at shop floor level