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National Certificate: Horticulture Level 2

Accredited to SAQA’s US 66859, NQF Level 2, 120 Credits



This qualification provides learners with a comprehensive base of portable skills that will enable them to progress within all spheres of the horticultural industry. This qualification forms an integral step in the career paths of the various disciplines in ornamental horticulture and follows on from the NQF Level 1 Certificate.
For those already employed in the industry, this qualification will offer learners the opportunity to hone their skills and receive recognition for their competencies.


Qualification Designed For

For those wishing to enter the industry, whether unemployed or as an Entrepreneur, this qualification offers a solid foundation in all aspects of the horticultural industry. This qualification represents a vital step in the development of a career and learning pathway of individuals, both from a vocational point of view, as well as from a learning point of view.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have Communication at NQF Level 1 (Grade 9) and have a competency certificate in SAQA ID 119687: Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Horticultural industry, NQF Level 1
Accredited to SAQA’s US 66859, NQF Level 2, 120

Course Objectives

  • Identify the major soil types and their uses in plant propagation and landscaping.
  • Utilise manual irrigation systems to provide the correct application of water to plants.
  • Produce ornamental plants from stem cuttings.
  • Apply pest control practices in plant production and landscaping.
  • Utilise the principles and practices of providing plant care and nutrition for ornamental plants and landscapes.
  • Recognition of common ornamental plants and their uses.

Course Outline

Plants, Soil Types and Pest control practices

  • Apply pest control practices in ornamental plant production and landscaping
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a flowering plant’s reproductive cycle
  • Identify common ornamental plants
  • Identify the different organisms of the plant kingdom
  • Identify the various soil types and their uses in plant propagation and landscaping

Plant, propagate, treat and clean plants

  • Plant and establish herbaceous plants in landscaped areas
  • Propagate plants from stem cuttings
  • Create an awareness of environmental protection
  • Schedule the application of water to plants and landscapes
  • Clean interior plants
  • Treat floristry plant material

Irrigate, provide care/nutrition for plants and OHS

  • Provide care for ornamental plants
  • Provide nutrition to plants and landscapes
  • Prune and shape shrubs
  • Utilise health and safety principles in horticulture
  • Utilize irrigation equipment and operate manual sprinkler systems