Training and Motivational Experts

National Certificate: Hygiene and Cleaning Supervision Level 3

SAQA Qualification ID 20175, NQF Level 3, 120 Credits



Central to the Qualification is the enhancement, implementation and maintenance of quality service and professionalism in the Hygiene and Cleaning Services Industry. This Qualification intends to provide skilled supervisors who can sustain gainful employment and deliver qualitative and quantative results within an organization. The primary purpose of this qualification is to develop the foundational, practical and reflexive competencies required for a career in the Hygiene and Cleaning Services Industry which will positively impact on national, social and economic transformation.


Course Designed For

This programme has been designed as the third qualification in the learning pathway in the cleaning sector and is suited to the following occupations: contract cleaning services, in-house cleaner, laundry assistant, car wash attendant, garden services, relief cleaner, room attendants, ward hostess, and supervising domestic workers.

Entry Requirements

As this is an NQF Level 3 Qualification, it is expected that learners will have achieved competence in NQF Level 2 (Grade 10) Communication/Language and Mathematics/Numeracy skills. Learners would also have achieved competence in skills and knowledge of Cleaning at NQF Level 2 in sub fields applicable to their career paths (i.e. commercial cleaning, laundry, carpet and upholstery, hospital cleaning, industrial cleaning).

Qualification Objectives

  • Allow employees within the industry portability in terms of career advancement as well as career pathing
  • Develop a sense of achievement amongst employees about their performance within the industry
  • Integrate cleaning knowledge and skills within the industry amongst employees
  • Develop a sense of pride amongst employees for their jobs and their industry
  • Enhance a code of ethics inclusive of viable and sustainable environmental management practices
  • Provide consistent quality and safety standards
  • Create environmental awareness

Qualification Outline

Organise a team in the workplace

  • Apply knowledge of self in order to make a life decision
  • Apply knowledge of self and team in order to develop a plan
  • Motivate a team
  • Indicate the role of a team leader ensuring that a team meets an organisation`s standards
  • Induct a new member into a team
  • Accommodate audience and context needs in oral communication
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the use of different number bases and measurement units

Safety at work

  • Apply personal safety practices on a wastewater treatment works
  • Describe, apply, analyse and calculate shape and motion in 2-and 3-dimensional space in different contexts
  • Interpret and use information from texts
  • Investigate life and work related problems using data and probabilities
  • Supervise, inspect and control the use of Temporary Suspended Platforms
  • Conduct a formal meeting

Business Supervision

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS in a workplace
  • Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes
  • Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business and national issues
  • Write texts for a range of communicative contexts
  • Induct a new employee
  • Contribute to information distribution regarding HIV/AIDS

Business Management

  • Identify and keep the records that a team manager is responsible for keeping
  • Investigate and explain the structure of a selected workplace or organisation
  • Apply the budget function in a business unit
  • Maintain the receipt, storage and issue of goods
  • Identify additional value adding opportunities additional to an existing service level agreement in a cleaning environment