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Further Education and Training Certificate: Management Level 4

SAQA Qualification ID 57712 , NQF Level 4, 150 Credits | 20 OPSA CPD Points


Being tasked with taking on the role of manager can be an exciting but daunting challenge. This qualification focuses on developing managerial excellence. Driven by subject-matter experts and positioned, tested and implemented against the needs of the market, this qualification provides leading edge management and leadership thinking, training and development. Managers are required to have a set of fundamental competencies to succeed in the managerial role:
  • Developing plans to achieve defined objectives.
  • Organising resources in accordance with a developed plan.
  • Leading a team to work co-operatively to achieve objectives. Monitoring performance to ensure compliance to a plan.
  • Making decisions based on a code of ethics.

This qualification lays the foundation for you to build a career in management across various sectors and industries. It will provide you with solid skills in four key areas: Leadership, self-management, people management and management practices

Course Designed For

This qualification is ideal for candidates who have been working in a supervisory or team leader position for a minimum of one year as the sessions cover gap-training of concepts and principles relating to the specific topics and outcomes of this qualification.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have Communication, Mathematical Literacy and Computer Literacy at NQF Level 3 (Grade 11).

Qualification Objectives

  • Information analysis and presentation according to organisational objectives and requirements
  • Defining and aligning tasks, resources, time frames and measurement criteria to meet organisational objectives
  • Application of methods, procedures and techniques to organise a work unit in accordance with organisational requirements
  • Application of the principles of leadership, organisation’s objectives and Standard Operating Procedures within a work unit
  • Application of knowledge of group dynamics to build effective teams
  • Measurement of work unit performance against organisational objectives
  • Understanding of the concept of ethics and its influence on activities and decision-making

Qualification Outline

Cluster One

Module 1: Workplace Ethics and Problem Solving

  • Instilling workplace ethics
  • Solving problems effectively

Cluster Two

Module 2: Planning Skills

  • Employing a systematic approach to achieving objectives
  • Using planning skills to resolve a problem

Cluster Three

Module 3: Expenditure and Budgets

  • Managing expenditure and budgets

Module 4: Time Management

  • Allocating resources
  • Managing time and priorities

Cluster Four

Module 5: Organisational Strategy and Functions

  • Understanding your organisation’s strategy
  • Clarifying organisational functions

Module 6: Workplace Relationships

  • Managing workplace relationships

Cluster Five

Module 7: Leadership and Team Morale

  • Developing strong leadership skills
  • Understanding team dynamics and morale

Module 8: Meetings and Minutes

  • Conducting structured meetings

Cluster Six

Module 9: Performance Monitoring

  • Monitoring performance
  • Managing your supply chain

Module 10: Customer Service

  • Providing outstanding customer service

Cluster Seven

Module 11: Maths Fundamentals

  • Statistics, probability, shapes and motion
  • Personal and business financial aspects

Module 12: Second Language Fundamentals

  • Interpret texts in second language
  • Write and present in a second language