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National Certificate: Public Administration Level 4

SAQA Qualification ID 58346 NQF Level 4, 150 Credits



As you take on a management role in the public service, you will be faced with many challenges and, to successfully navigate these challenges, you will need to ensure that you are armed with key skills and insights into the function. This qualification focuses on developing managerial excellence and promoting productivity within the public service and will help you build your fundamental competencies such as being able to effectively plan, organise, lead and monitor the performance of your team. The purpose of this programme is to provide you with a solid foundation to build a career in management in the public sector and will provide you with solid skills in four key areas: Leadership, self-management, people management and management practices. This qualification will strengthen your management competencies and enable you to better manage systems, processes, resources, self, teams and individuals in different roles within the public sector.


Qualification Designed For

This qualification is ideal for junior to mid-level government employees working or planning to work as managers in the public sector.

Entry Requirements

Learners accessing this qualification are assumed to be competent in: Communication, Mathematical Computer Literacy at NQF Level 3 (Grade 11).

Qualification Objectives

  • Information analysis and presentation according to organisational objectives and requirements
  • Defining and aligning tasks, resources, timeframes and measurement criteria to meet organisational objectives
  • Application of methods, procedures and techniques to organise a work unit in accordance with organisational requirements
  • Application of the principles of leadership, organisation’s objectives and Standard Operating Procedures within a work unit
  • Application of knowledge of group dynamics to build effective teams
  • Measurement of work unit performance against organisational objectives
  • Understanding of the concept of ethics and its influence on activities and decision-making
  • Understand South African legislation affection public administration

Qualification Outline

Cluster One

Module 1: Management in the Public sector

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of public administration and management
  • Maintain records for a team

Module 2: Workplace Ethics and Problem Solving

  • Instilling workplace ethics
  • Solving problems effectively

Cluster Two

Module 3: Planning Skills

  • Employing a systematic approach to achieving objectives
  • Using planning skills to resolve a problem

Cluster Three

Module 4: Expenditure and Budgets

  • Managing expenditure and budgets

Module 5: Time Management

  • Allocating resources
  • Managing time and priorities

Cluster Four

Module 6: Organisational Strategy and Functions

  • Understanding your organisation’s strategy
  • Clarifying organisational functions

Module 7: Workplace Relationships

  • Managing workplace relationships

Cluster Five

Module 8: Leadership and Team Morale

  • Developing strong leadership skills
  • Understanding team dynamics and morale

Module 9: Meetings and Minutes

  • Conducting structured meetings