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Thursday, 02 March 2017 13:39

6 Leadership skill predictions for 2017

Things are changing at a rapid pace, especially in business. It is a constant competition and every business is trying to be innovative to try and stay at the forefront of developing technology. While everything is becoming digital, the biggest change we can identify is how leaders lead, manage and operate companies. If you look at the retail sector, more and more retail shops close down because of on-line platforms’ popularity. As the technology change so does the behavior of the customer. Through various marketing studies, it is evident that customers look for an experience that is both experimental and adventurous. Unavoidably the skills that you would need in leadership, business structure, marketing, and sales will change in during this year.

We at The Mindspa Institute, soft skills training specialists, combed through various predictions experts made for 2017. We looked at leadership in various business departments. It is extremely important for a company to keep with the trends and change accordingly so that they know which skills are needed and how to prepare for challenges.

So see this as a horoscope of leadership skills you need during 2017:

  1. Business structures will change. Executive leaders are becoming aware of how important it is to make changes to the business so that they get closer to their customers with minimal complexity. The market for 2017 is directed by the customer and digitally powered. In a recent study done by Forrester.com in October 2016, they predicted that leaders will devolve operational controls downward and that one-third of companies operational in the business-to-client (B2C) space will completely change their structure to compete with customer experiences. This means that leadership skills will have to be adapted.
  2. The sales process has changed from being a sales person to be more of a consultant. During 2017 it will be essential that sales executives are trained to build connections rather than just relationships. Leadership skills designed specifically to form a consultant rather than just pushing product sales will be in high demand. It will be wise for any company to invest in their sales team equipping them with the correct set of sales and leadership skills.
  3. Leadership skills training will have to be more participant-driven and focused on change leadership. According to a prediction done by Robert Brodo from Advantexe and also by Fierce Inc., change leadership is a critical skill for 2017. The approach to leadership skills training will change to learn-by-doing, which The Mindspa already incorporates in our training sessions.
  4. CMO’s should have blended skills set. This prediction by Forrester.com basically predicts that Chief Marketing Officers should learn how to use both analytics and design to drive the growth of the company through the digital business transformation to give customers an ‘out-of-this-world’ adventure that becomes a personalized experience.
  5. Leadership skills in dealing with diversity and performance management will be critical. There is a lot of change happening at a fast pace. Skills in dealing with diversity are more important than ever. Companies need ‘employee-focused’ leaders and not only ‘customer-focused’ leaders. Because of skill shortages, skilled employees come and go. It is thus imperative that the leaders in any company looked after their employees and follow a conversational method when dealing with performance management.
  6. Company culture will be the main focus. A study done by Deloitte Human Capital Trends research, show there is an increased urgency amongst companies to define the right company culture. The study shows that employees are looking more at the company’s purpose. Executive Management should develop their skills to define and align their organizational culture.

To keep up with a fast-changing work environment, it is important to keep up with developing new skills.