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Making the Shift from Technical Expert to Organizational Leader

During this training course, we’ll argue that moving from the job of technical expert to organizational leader represents a unique challenge that, in practice, is more complex and has far greater impact than adding more technical knowledge. Reaching organizational leadership requires transforming technical competence into business success, and this means acquiring and developing skills and competencies distinct from technical expertise alone.

One thing is certain about today’s leaders: technical competence alone is not enough to make them successful.

Technical expertise represents “what” the job entails. The shift to relationship management represents knowing “who” the players are for which the “what” is critical and important. The art of developing and managing relationships is not based on one’s depth of knowledge but based on one’s ability to deliver something that is of value to another person in the organization. ( Dr. Robert P. Hewes and Dr. Alan M. Patterson )

The course will address frequently asked questions such as:

  • What typically happens when an employee is promoted from technical expert to management?
  • What are the biggest challenges experienced by newly promoted managers?
  • How can I learn to delegate effectively?
  • How do I ensure that my team are motivated and work well together?
  • How do I become smart with people?

Training Outline

A Mindset Change

You first need to recognize that your technical knowledge may not help much in your new management role. Why? Because instead of just focusing on your own skills and successes, you now have to focus on the skills and successes of your team. Your mindset has to change.

  • What typically happens when a star performer is promoted from technical expert to management
  • What are the biggest challenges experienced by newly promoted managers?
  • What Is Leadership and what is Management and how is this different from what I am doing currently?
  • What are the behaviours I need to adopt to become an outstanding leader?
  • Case Study: Exceptional Leadership Lessons – Brand Pretorius
  • How do I earn Respect and Trust ?
  • How can I use the ingredients of Ethical Value Based Leadership
  • What management mistakes should I avoid?
  • How can I learn to delegate effectively?
  • Unpacking the RACI Principle of Delegation, Role Division and Work Sharing
  • How do I organize and manage meetings effectively?
  • How do I ensure that my team are motivated and work well together?
  • What are the ingredients of a great team?
  • Team Motivation lessons from the movie Coach Carter
  • How do I motivate people to perform?
  • Unpacking Performance Management
  • How do I deal with this change myself?
  • How do I manage my new team through this change?
  • How do I use effective communication and body language to inspire?
  • How can I become a better more active listener
  • How do I handle the difficult conversations?
  • Ways to understand and implement Emotional Intelligence to become smart with people
  • Understanding and using Transactional Analysis to deal with people management, conflict and anger

The course material will include case studies and self-assessments on leadership, teamwork, Emotional Intelligence and communication skills.

The course itself will contain role-plays, practical application, open workshop sessions and video’s.

Additional Info

  • Course Duration: 2 Days
  • Includes:
    Comprehensive manual
    Framed certificate of attendance
    Notepad & Pen
    Superior training venue with delicious lunch, teas and refreshments
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