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Time Management Training

The Time Management practical training course will enable delegates to better manage their own time, become pro-active, avoid procrastination.

Be a step ahead and stress-free in the workplace

Who should attend?

  • Middle management level employees
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Employees who have been earmarked for succession into management

Training Outline

The illness of ‘busyness’

Benefits of time management

Why Should I Manage My Time Better?

  • Implications of Poor Time Management
  • Basic Principles of Time Management
  • Benefits of Time Management

4 Planning Models to help with Time Management and Prioritising

  • ABCD analysis
  • Pareto analysis
  • The Eisenhower Method
  • POSEC method
  • Identifying Your Own Time Wasters – The Time Management Quiz

Create new habits using The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People© – Circles and Tips

Principles And Practical Implementation Of Time Management

  • How to Prioritise and Delegate Effectively
  • Mastering Priorities
  • Using The Johari Window Approach
  • Advantages of Using a to Do List
  • Time Management Tips

Getting Things Done

  • Effective Workstation Management
  • 10 Common Time Management Mistakes

Understand your gravestone - how to create the elusive work/life balance

Develop a Working Plan for Yourself

  • The five types of planners
  • 14 Rules of Planning
  • Diary effectiveness
  • Daily Evaluation

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Additional Info

  • Course Duration: 2 Days
  • Includes:
    Comprehensive manual
    Framed certificate of attendance
    Notepad & Pen
    Superior training venue with delicious lunch, teas and refreshments
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