Remote learning platform

What To Expect From Our Online Blended Learning Session: 

We understand that there will always be challenges when embarking on a new adventure, and have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to assist our clients in delivering the best possible training interventions:

YOung black lady with computer smallWhat it is?

  • All of our current offerings are available as an online session.
  • Training will be done by our existing subject matter expert facilitators
  • Clients can test the programme by having a short meeting with sales executive to show and explain the process prior to training taking place

How it is done?

  • We use the latest video conferencing online software to present all our courses

The Process

  • Delegates will receive an e-mail and will be required to download the software before start of training
  • Each delegate will receive a password to access the course
  • Session will show live facilitator and information on PowerPoint
  • All delegates will be able to interact with facilitator via text message, hand raising or verbal and video interaction (either one on one or in group context)
  • Facilitator will be able to see all delegates at all times
  • All delegates will be given a complete manual to download
  • All delegates will be able to fill in feedback form at end of session
  • All delegates will receive framed certificates after lockdown has been lifted
  • Complete training session will be recorded and available for download by all participants (in case a delegate loses connectivity for a period of time this means they will still have access to complete training)
  • Client will receive an attendance register

What is required?

  • This programme can be used on all computers and Smartphones with microphones and cameras.

In addition to all of our current courses that we can offer on a remote learning platform, we have also developed a variety of short courses. (See below)

“Stress is the trash of modern life - we all generate it but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life”

~ Danzae Pace

This is even more true in 2020. Our Emotional Wellness has been placed at risk because we have all had to cope with increased stress.  This powerful, inspiring workshop will help all of us to take a moment to re-evaluate ourselves and our situations, give us coping mechanisms and help us to take the first steps towards creating wellness even in these uncertain times.

The 4 hour workshop will take delegates through:

  • An Overview of Stress Management 
  • What Is Stress 
  • Causes of Stress 
  • Effects of Stress 
  • Why is stress helpful? 
  • Why is stress harmful? 
  • How Can I Recognise Stress in Myself? 
  • Symptoms of stress 
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Stress 
  • Stress versus burnout 
  • 14 Facts About Stress & Burnout 
  • Tell Tale Signs of Burn-Out 
  • Overcoming burn-out 
  • Emotional Wellness 
  • First steps to Wellness in Life 
  • My New To do list 
  • Effective Wellness Practices and Tips

April 2020

Confidence and Assertiveness

This was such an amazing session, the lecturer really did a great job and made sure we all interacted and participated. It was really a job well done!!! Thank you so much

Ayesha Cassiem - FOH

The session exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

Celeste Frans - Accounts Payable Controller

Any feedback or suggestions that will improve your next training session with us?

More content based, role playing (where relevant) -  today’s role plays were realistic, super awesome.

Thenjiwe Manzi - Regional Field Sales Manager


2020 has brought all of us face to face with the (sometimes) scary reality of having to manage our teams remotely.  This up to date, practical course will help us to understand the new rules of this relationship, enable us to see this change from both perspectives and help us to navigate this challenge with empathy, insight and powerful management techniques to continue to have a motivated, productive, profitable team.

This 5 hour course will deal with the following questions and issues:

  • Understanding the “new” long-distance relationship
  • What is a remote team?
  • What are the benefits of a remote team?
  • Unpacking the challenges faced by remote workers
  • Key questions to ask your remote team
  • Unpacking the challenges and problems faced by managers
  • Communication issues due to a lack of non-verbal cues
  • Top tips for effective online meetings
  • How to delegate to remote employees
  • How to motivate remote employees
  • Best practices for remote team management
  • The top 13 ways to manage remote employees

The phenomenon of remote work is gaining momentum.  Remote sales can be equally effective as traditional face-to-face sales.  While it may seem difficult to establish rapport while selling online, there are strategies, tools and techniques to ensure success.

This 4 hour workshop will unpack the following:

  • Introduction to Remote Sales
  • Challenges of Remote Sales
  • 14 Tips to Succeed as a Remote Salesperson
  • Leveraging Video and Messaging Technology
  • 6 Practical Techniques for Effective Remote Sales
  • 6 Steps for Creating Connection on Remote Sales Presentations
  • 5 Powerful Strategies for Motivating a Remote Sales Team
  • Questions and Comments
  • Checkout

Online meetings are a valuable tool for connecting with clients, co-workers and remote team members, especially during lockdown.  The business etiquette required for online meetings is different to that of face-to-face meetings.  This Power Hour will equip your team with tips and tools to ensure the effectiveness of the meetings.
Course Outline

  • Introduction to Virtual Meetings
  • Understanding the Unique Purpose of Your Virtual Meeting
  • The 7 Rules of Virtual Meeting Etiquette Every Professional Should Know
  • 5 Online Meeting Fails and How to Avoid Them
  • 20 Top Tips and Techniques for Successful Virtual Meetings
  • Any Questions?
  • Check Out