Executive Management

executive management

Our Executive Leadership Training courses is aimed at this extremely important level of the organisation and is presented by a facilitator with years of corporate experience at CEO level.  The courses and workshops include HD/3D Leadership, Strategy Setting, Implementation & Monitoring, Change & Diversity Management and Board Games.

Please note that the course outlines on our website are summarised.  Should you need a comprehensive outline or customised proposal, we would love to meet with you to discuss your specific needs. This will enable us to submit a proposal that is in line with your expectations, your industry and your budget.

The Mindspa Executive Leadership Strategic Team Alignment Session will enable you and your team to fully understand and realise your strategy and turn your vision into reality, your executive managers into a cohesive team and your actions into bottom-line profits.

“Open collaboration and discussion encourages greater accountability, which in turn fosters trust.” ~ Ron Garan, Astronaut

The Workshop will address frequently asked questions such as:

  • How should our team approach our leadership roles?
  • Do you wonder where your company will be in five years?
  • Is your company and your team equipped to operate successfully in the future? 
  • Has your vision been transformed into a measurable reality?
  • Does every employee live your values?
  • Does your executive management have a shared purpose and commitment?
  • Are your strategy, goals, action plans and performance measurement aligned?

Leaders today have to employ a High Definition approach to leadership that encompasses the ability to focus with persistence and perseverance on achieving the goals of the organisation. They have to have high definition clarity of vision with a high-rise view of the playing field and the ability to influence their diverse team long distance, judge the moves the competition makes, interpret the rules of the referees and adapt their game plan to ever-changing and increasingly challenging playing conditions.

In addition leaders today have to employ a 3D approach to leadership.  They must be able to view their organisation from top to bottom, understand and communicate with all its shareholders, retain and gain customers and keep an eye both on the bottom-line and the strategic horizon.