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Executive Leadership Team Alignment Session

The Mindspa Team Alignment Training course will enable you and your team to fully understand and realise your strategy and turn your vision into reality, your executive managers into a cohesive team and your actions into bottom-line profits.

“Open collaboration and discussion encourages greater accountability, which in turn fosters trust.” ~ Ron Garan, Astronaut

Is your company and your leadership team fully equipped to operate successfully in the future? Has your vision been transformed into a measurable reality? Does your team have a shared purpose and commitment?

Training Outline

Session Agenda:

The two-day facilitated intervention will start off with a 30 minutes motivational presentation that will give the backdrop to the rest of the session.

The facilitator will then use prompting techniques to get to know the make-up of the team and to get an understanding of the unique needs of your team.

The session will focus on an outcome that will give the team the strategic approach necessary to complete actions and goals and fulfil the strategy going forward.

The facilitation will be energising, fun and motivational with inter-active discussions and practical role-plays.


The following topics will be visited and discussed:

High Definition, 3 Dimensional Approach to Leadership Today

  • The Two Distinctive Attributes All Leaders Need to Have
  • The 10 Qualities of Outstanding Leaders
  • Integrity, Responsibility, Respect – The Balanced Scale of Leadership and How to Practically Achieve This
  • RACI Model for Delegation and Teamwork
  • The Recipe for Great Teamwork
  • Teamwork Lessons from the Movie “Coach Carter”

Vision and Mission Statements, Values and How to Live Them

  • Strategy Understanding and Realization
  • Vision Translated in Reality
  • Living the Values of Your Organisation

How to Effectively Communicate to All Stakeholders in Your Organisation

  • Understanding Effective Communication Processes and Techniques
  • How to Communicate Important Business Decisions
  • Steps to Create Active Listening and Feedback Sessions
  • Understanding the Importance of Body Language As a Leader
  • How to Undertake a Difficult Conversation and Deal with Conflict in a Positive Manner
  • Be Smart with People – Using Transactional Analysis Effectively in Negotiations and Performance Management
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Techniques to Mobilise and Motivate Your Team

Change and Continuous Improvement

  • Understanding Organisation Change – When Is It Needed?
  • Understanding Why People Resist Change
  • The Attitudinal Change Cycle and How to Manage Your Team Through It
  • Changing the Future Through Continuous Improvement
  • Continuous Improvement Is Not A Project!
  • Keeping the Focus on Your Vision and Values

Understanding Our Future Gen Y Employees and Clients

  • A Snapshot of the Next Generations
  • Understanding Their Attitude and Preferences
  • Changes the New Employees Bring to the Workplace
  • How to Retain Them, Manage Them and Keep Them Focused
  • Facing Our Leadership Fears

Team Charter

  • The facilitator will lead the executive team to design a team charter that will get agreement on the following:
  • The Dream of the Team
  • The Team’s Purpose
  • The Team’s Brand
  • The Team’s Identity
  • The Commitment to One Another
  • The Undertakings to Others in the Organisation
  • Action Plan Going Forward

Based on the outcome of this session The Mindspa Institute will provide your team with a practical, measurable “Game Plan” to ensure that all decisions and undertakings from this session is translated into measurable goals and objectives.

Additional Info

  • Course Duration: 2 Days
  • Includes: Comprehensive manual | Framed certificate of attendance | Notepad | Pen
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