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Empower Your Business with Women Empowerment

“The need for gender equality is not only socially, culturally, and ethically necessary, it is also economically beneficial. Advancing women equality in the workplace could add $12 trillion to the global GDP by 2025.  Women comprise half of the world’s working-force, and not facilitating parity growth opportunities will see our economy suffer further.” (McKinsey)

Gender diversity has been proven to enhance workplace productivity and profitability. Companies that allow for a larger customer alignment through diversity, receive higher bottom-line opportunities.   McKinsey reported that gender-diverse companies financially outperform others by 15%, with ethnically diverse businesses reaching a 35% increase in profits.

South Africa needs to prioritise the reform of its leadership demographic. Females only compose 10% of South Africa’s CEOs. Within the JSE-listed companies, the percentage of female CEOs dips to a mere 2.2%.  The implications of gender inequality go far beyond individual discrimination; the effects can ripple into the productivity of global markets. When prepared with effective strategies and skills, women have the opportunity to influence these sectors, and holistically change and advance them for the better. (getsmarter.com)

This interactive workshop will enable your business decision makers and influencers with up to date knowledge and practical actions to advance gender equality and women empowerment in your business.

Workshop Outline:

  • Women Empowerment unpacked
  • What do we mean by Women Empowerment?
  • Advantages of Women Empowerment
  • How to reframe the debateRecognising Women’s Empowerment as a catalyst for your business
  • How can empowering the women in your business achieve increased performance and profitability?
  • Overcoming the current barriers to gender equality and women empowerment in your business
  • How to build a high-performance inclusive culture without the numbers5 Ways Businesses of All Sizes Can Empower WomenHow to Plan for, Action and Benefit from Women Empowerment in your business