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Personal Assistant Masterclass


A personal assistant plays a critical role in the smooth functioning of an organization. They are responsible for supporting high-level executives and managing their day-to-day activities. An executive assistant’s duties may include managing schedules, arranging appointments, preparing documents, coordinating meetings, managing travel arrangements, and handling communication with internal and external stakeholders. They act as a gatekeeper for the managers they support, ensuring that their time is used effectively and that their workload is manageable.

The importance of a personal assistant lies in their ability to enable their executives to focus on strategic decision-making, while they handle the administrative and logistical aspects of their work. Without an efficient and effective executive assistant, an organization may struggle to operate at its full potential.

The course will cover the following critical aspects:

  • Effective Communication and conflict management
  • Time Management
  • Improved Organisational Skills
  • How to work for more than one manager effectively
  • Managing information and records
  • How to be a strategic partner
  • How to set and achieve goals
  • How to motivate yourself

The training is designed to equip personal assistants with the necessary skills and knowledge to enhance their productivity, support their executives, and contribute to the overall success of their organization. Through a combination of theoretical content, case studies, and practical exercises, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the role of a personal assistant and the skills required to excel in the position.

Personal Assistant training by the Mindspa Institute

Who should attend?

  • Personal Assistants
  • Executive Assistants
  • Secretaries
  • Project Assistants
  • Administrative Assistants

Training Outline

The Essential Skills needed to be an exceptional Personal Assistant includes the skills both to manage their managers and manage themselves. 

Managing Your Manager/s

  • The Personal Assistant as A Strategic Partner
  • How To Assume a Leadership Role While Performing a Supportive Function
  • Confidentiality, Discretion and Diplomacy Skills Every PA Needs
  • Professional Communication Skills Including Telephone Etiquette and Updated Business Writing Skills
  • How To Conduct the Difficult Conversation
  • How To Work for More Than One Manager
  • How To Deal Effectively with Different Management Styles
  • How To Deal Effectively with Different Personalities
  • Updated Diary Management Tools
  • How To Negotiate for A Win-Win Outcome with Stakeholders and Suppliers
  • Corporate And Financial Acumen – Understanding Your Company
  • Meeting Management Including Agenda and Minutes
  • Business Etiquette for Professionals

Managing Yourself

  • How To Manage Your Stress
  • How To Avoid Burn-Out
  • How To Continuously Motivate Yourself
  • How To Manage Change and Build Resilience
  • Time Management and Prioritization Skills
  • Pro-Active Problem-Solving Skills
  • Top Tips to Be Organized and Pro-Active
  • Networking And Building Successful Relationships
  • Emotional Intelligence To Manage Yourself And Others
  • Confidence And Assertiveness Skills
  • Enhanced Listening Skills
  • Personal Branding: What Sets You Apart And Will Make You Move Up In Your Career


Additional Information

Course Duration: 2 Days

Presented : In-house and online



  • Comprehensive manual
  • Framed certificate of attendance
  • Notepad & Pen
  • Superior training venue with delicious lunch, teas and refreshments

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