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Remote Training

What to Expect

What To Expect From Our Online Blended Learning Session: 

We understand that there will always be challenges when embarking on a new adventure, and have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to assist our clients in delivering the best possible training interventions:

What it is?

  • All of our current offerings are available as an online session.
  • Training will be done by our existing subject matter expert facilitators.
  • Clients can test the programme by having a short meeting with sales executive to show and explain the process prior to training taking place.

How it is done?

  • We use the latest video conferencing online software to present all our courses.
Remote training FAQ

The Process

  • Delegates will receive an e-mail and will be required to download the software before start of training.
  • Each delegate will receive a password to access the course.
  • Session will show live facilitator and information on PowerPoint.
  • All delegates will be able to interact with facilitator via text message, hand raising or verbal and video interaction (either one on one or in group context).
  • Facilitator will be able to see all delegates at all times.
  • All delegates will be given a complete manual to download.
  • All delegates will be able to fill in feedback form at end of session.
  • All delegates will receive framed certificates after lockdown has been lifted.
  • Complete training session will be recorded and available for download by all participants (in case a delegate loses connectivity for a period of time this means they will still have access to complete training).
  • Client will receive an attendance register.

What is required?

  • This programme can be used on all computers and Smartphones with microphones and cameras.

Please contact us for more information.