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Team Alignment

Strategy Session

This Mindspa Team Alignment Strategy session will enable you and your team to spend valuable time revisiting your vision and strategy as well as the principles of teamwork and role division. This session will turn your vision into reality, your employees into a team and your actions into bottom-line profits with a team that have a shared purpose and commitment.

Session Agenda:

  • The full-day intervention will start off with a 30 minutes motivational presentation that will give the backdrop to the rest of the session.
  • The facilitator will then use prompting techniques to get to know the make-up of the team and to get an understanding of the unique needs of your business, giving each individual attendee an opportunity to speak and be heard. Each of the issues will be addressed and practical solutions will be workshopped in group discussions.

The following topics will form the basis of the rest of the workshop

  • Iceberg Theory of Human Behaviour
  • The Organisation – Living your vision, mission and values
  • Improved Teamwork
    • Moments of Truth
    • A Recipe full of ingredients of Great Teams – how do we measure up?
    • RACI model for improved teamwork and communication (work and role division, responsibility, authority, consulting and informing) and how we can implement this.
    • Teamwork lessons that we can implement
    • Good to Great business and teamwork principles
    • Old vs New leadership/team thinking
    • Traditional vs High Performance Organisations
  • Group Discussion – Imperative Business Improvements
  • Group interaction – Game: Get to know your team members better

 The session will end off with a group discussion to formulate a unique team charter for the team, specifying specific behaviours and outcomes that will lead to success.

Team alignment training by The Mindspa Institute

 Team Charter

  • Our team purpose
  • Our team brand
  • Our team identity
  • Our commitments to each other
  • Our undertakings to others in the organisation

Based on the outcome of this session The Mindspa Institute will be able to provide your team with a practical, measurable “Game Plan” to ensure that all decisions and undertakings from this session is translated into measurable goals and objectives.

Additional Information

Course Duration: 1 Day

Presented : In-house and online



  • Notepad & Pen

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