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The Rise of Non-Binary Pronouns and Why they Matter


“There are many different ways to perform gender, and we should be open and encouraging of them.” Nevo Zisin

“If we can get the pronouns right, it’s tantamount to getting your name right, this is part of our journey in terms of ensuring that we continue to create an environment of belonging,” said Dr Kimberly Dawn Wisdom, Senior Vice President of Community Health and Equity at Henry Ford Health System.

It is time for everyone to get on board with non-binary pronouns.  Actively choosing to not use the pronouns someone has shared that they go by is harassment.  However, many people are scared to make a mistake or simply struggling to get it right.

This practical, informative workshop session will guide your teams through all the information they need in order to use someone’s correct pronoun and continue to create an inclusive, diverse business environment.

Workshop Outline:

  • Understanding the importance of non-binary
  • Beyond ‘he’ and ‘she’
  • What to do if I make a mistake?
  • How to help others improve
  • Gender Inclusive Language 
  • Best practices for pronouns
  • A simple guide on how to use non-binary pronouns
  • A Glossary of all non-binary pronouns

Additional Information

Course Duration: Flexible according to clients’ needs

Presented : In-house and online


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