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Top workplace resolutions for 2017

Congratulations, you made it through 2016. Now it’s time to take 2017 head on. Shake the beach sand out of your shoes, it is time to fill the work shoes again and perform. A new year brings new challenges. It brings hope and optimism. It brings a fresh start. Your personal resolutions might be to live healthier, to exercise more, to be a better person, but what about your professional resolutions?

In you professional capacity, it is important to set goals like learning new skills, obtaining certification, streamlining budgets etc. Here are our top suggestions for compiling your workplace resolutions for 2017:

  1. Learn new skills. According to the Business Insider, 17% of working people took more courses, training or seminars during 2016. Don’t get left behind and don’t slip up on educating yourself and investing in your skills. Take charge this year of your own education and development. Learn to manage your time, deal with conflict and change in the workplace, manage your stress levels or even sharpen up on your communications skills. Learn minute taking or how to read financials. Maybe a course in emotional intelligence or advanced sales training will be something that can advance your career. The Mindspa Institute is a soft skills training company that specialize in soft skills training courses both developed and tailored for corporate specific needs, but also presented on a public platform in the major metropolitan cities. Visit the website to view all their courses and outlines.
  2. Ask the questions. The year of 2017 will not be a year where you are shy and left in the dark. NO, you will ask more questions and by doing this you will in turn learn more. Ask your staff what their train of thought is. Get feedback from your customers and most importantly stop and question yourself before you yourself take action.
  3. Eat healthy. Although this is most probably seen as a personal resolutions, healthy eating while working can also influence your performance. Healthy eating can reduce stress at work, increase your energy levels and save you the money of constant take aways.
  4. Remain positive and motivated. Subscribe to a motivational quote emailer or simply check out The Mindspa’s Facebook page for daily motivational and inspirational quotes. If you know what is expected of you, you make sure that you have all the material and equipment needed and you create the opportunities you need to excel in the things you are good at at work, you are more likely to be productive and happy.
  5. On-line limits. Easily distracted at work? Set your limits and be strict with yourself. Don’t tempt yourself with non-work related online funny dog videos or new music releases. Do this on your own time and not the company’s. Stay focused.
  6. Delegate more. Step out of your comfort zone. Last year might have drained you because you were running around trying to fit everything into your busy schedule. So why not try a fresh approach this year. The delegation approach. Don’t be a control freak. There are usually more than one way to do things right. People want to help and are more than capable; you just have to allow them. Who knows, you might learn a quicker and better way of doing things that will save time on other projects.
  7. Take a break. Not sure why people don’t take breaks. No one can go through the entire working day without a break. This is bad for both your body and concentration. Your productivity will increase if you take your tea and lunch break away from your desk and just take that time to focus on yourself and relax. Get up and move at least every hour. You will be more creative, focused and your physical and mental well-being will be better. Please use all your vacation days – they are given to you for a reason. Vacation days are of little use if they are not utilized. Unplug the office as well – if you go to work give a 100% of your focused time, but if you go home, leave laptops and devises switched off – everything can wait till tomorrow. This is a real bad habit that most of, especially management, need to do.
  8. Listen more, talk less. You have one mouth but two ears which means you must listen more than you talk. When you do this, you will understand your staff and projects briefs better, which will help you achieve the goals set out. In turn, your communication skills will also improve, making the management of staff easier. This also means don’t gossip – give it up! Its unprofessional, so make an effort to share positive stories.
  9. Seriously! There is definitely a place for seriousness and professionalism within any company or business especially when it comes to the management of change and problem solving. However, if you take yourself too seriously, stress will overcome you. Learn to laugh and joke – not too much, just take work life a little easier.
  10. Tidy and timely. Be on time and keep your desk tidy. Basic, realistic and measurable.

These are just some suggestions. Tip – making too many resolutions will not get anything done. For starters choose one or two of the above and really make an effort committing to succeed in them. Be consistent but take it step for step. Start again every day. What is important though, is that you do set some resolutions for your career. Make sure they are realistic and measurable. Be good to yourself during 2017!