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10 Reminders to Re-motivate yourself

There is a lot going on and you just can’t seem to focus. You feel tired all the time and work towards goals that you are just not seeing the results of. What should you do when you are feeling frustrated and demotivated? Here are 10 reminders to re-motivate yourself, to realign your mind and heart to achieve your objectives:

  1. Acknowledge that you hit a wall and remind yourself of what you have overcome thus far.
  2. Identify your reasons why you started or why you wanted to achieve your set out goals in the beginning.
  3. If you feel down, frustrated or just plain tired, remind yourself that this phase will also pass.
  4. Sometimes all you need is to relax and regroup your thoughts to refocus.
  5. Reflect on your day in the evenings and choose to see your accomplishments no matter how small. What you do daily is part of the bigger picture, your end goal.  
  6. Don’t try to be perfect. Rather be as efficient and productive as you can. Strive for continuous improvement. 
  7. Make an active decision to change what you have the power to change and accept that which you can’t change.
  8. See the problem or obstacle as just another challenge and not as the end of the road and the end of your life or dreams.
  9. Realise that you learn a lot from failing and that failure makes you grow and more experienced.
  10. Get some outside motivation. Listen to motivational talks and podcasts, read articles about motivation and find motivation and inspiration from people around you.

It is a very simple rule of “pick up yourself and continue the journey,” because part of self-discovery and growth is only learnt en-route to your goals. No one is responsible for you except you. Start living a life where self-motivation fuels your passion to reach your dreams. 

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