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Workplace Readiness


This impactful workshop will provide an entertaining, motivating and above all highly practical set of tools and skills that your young employees will be able to implement immediately to increase their productivity and ensure that they become and remain a valuable team member in any organization.

  • Are your young employees professional in their appearance and behaviour?
  • Do they have the right attitude?
  • Are they punctual and prepared?
  • Can they manage and motivate themselves?
  • Can they communicate in the workplace?
  • Can they work effectively in a team?

Who should attend?

  • Young employees or learners in your organization

Workshop Outline


  • Business Lessons – everything about work we did not learn at school or university
  • Understanding the differences between School/ University and the Workplace
  • Keep yourself motivated and goal orientated

CV writing skills

  • What is a CV?
  • How to write a professional CV
  • What contact details should I provide?
  • Formatting and guidelines on how to create a good CV

Interviewing Skills

  • Mindset and Approach
  • Top Interview Preparation Tips
  • What questions should you prepare for

Personal Branding

  • Understand yourself and define your personal vision, mission and values
  • Personal SWOT Analysis
  • How to turn your SWOT into Actions
  • Key Strategic Questions to Build your Brand

Time Management

  • Implications of Poor Time Management
  • Basic Principles of Time Management
  • 4 Planning Models for Time Management and Prioritising
  • Identifying your own time wasters
  • Advantages of Using a to Do List
  • Time Management Tips
  • 10 Common Time Management Mistakes

Work Ethics and Professional Conduct

  • Professional meeting and business function etiquette
  • Appropriate use of the Internet
  • Handling ethical dilemmas
  • Maintaining loyalty and confidentiality
  • Handling personal issues in the workplace
  • Beware the Pitfalls of engaging in Office Politics and Gossip
  • Top Tips for Best Office Behaviour

Communication (Written & Oral)

  • What is Effective, Productive Communication
  • Key Facts About the Way We Communicate
  • Understanding The Communication Process and Types
  • Non-verbal Behaviours for Productive Communication
  • How to Overcome Communication Barriers to Establish Trust and Rapport
  • How to Listen Actively and Give Constructive Feedback
  • Introduction to Effective Writing
  • Understand Your Audience and Your Reason for Writing
  • How to Begin and End Business Writing
  • E-Mail Etiquette Rules
  • Communication Tips

Conflict Resolution

  • What Is Conflict?
  • A Typical Escalation
  • Clarifying Confusion About Conflict
  • When Is Conflict Needed?
  • 10 Steps To Long Term Conflict Management

Negotiation Skills

  • What is Negotiation?
  • The Need for Negotiation Skills
  • What scares us about negotiating?
  • What do we need to know about negotiation?
  • Negotiation Tips


  • What is Teamwork?
  • Ingredients of a Great Team
  • The Ten Characteristics of Effective Teamwork


Additional Information

Course Duration: Flexible according to clients’ needs

Presented : In-house and online


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