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How to Manage Employees for Profit


Whilst it is valid to have a balanced scorecard approach to our businesses to continue to create long-term, sustainable economic value, we mustn’t fool ourselves. Money and profit above all are the most important factors to any business. Without money a business cannot grow, be sustainable, provide opportunities for all stakeholders, provide social investment, or protect the environment. 

This practical, impactful workshop will give an opportunity for your management team to focus on how to manage their teams for profit.  It will provide them with a framework of updated information and tools and allow for productive brainstorming to take place.

Workshop Outline

  • What does profitability mean in our business?
  • What are the profitability ratios we should focus on?
  • 8 Steps Managers can take to improve Profitability
  • How to implement a high growth performance management model for our business
  • Powerful questions with the strongest link to business outcomes our managers should be asking their teams
  • 5 Practical examples of SMART employee goals we can implement
  • How to foster employee engagement when our team is remote
Manage People

Additional Information

Course Duration: 4 hours

Presented : In-house


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