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Abandon Yourself to Abundance


Abundance is defined as a very large quantity of something. Present in great quantity; more than adequate.  In terms of our lives it signifies abounding fullness of joy and strength for mind, body, and soul.

This inspiring workshop will enable us to counteract our feelings of lacking, emptiness, and dissatisfaction.  It will explain the difference between living a life of “lack” versus living a life of “abundance”.  It will provide tools on what we should stop doing, what is holding us back and then give a practical menu for creating abundance, joy and fulfilment in our work and personal lives.

Who should attend:

  • All levels of staff can benefit from this workshop

What you will learn:

  • Understanding Abundance and what it means to live an abundant life
  • How to move from Scarcity to Abundance
  • What to stop doing
  • The new to do list
  • Top 10 tips to create abundance in your life
Abundance training by The Mindspa Institute

Additional Information

Course Duration: Flexible according to clients’ needs

Presented : In-house and online


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