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Happy Employees Healthy Bottomline


The key to workplace happiness is the extent to which employers and employees engage with each other and have open and meaningful inter-personal relationships leading to growth and innovation. This presentation will engage, motivate and assist employers with practical tips and tools to engage and retain a happy workforce.

  • Happiness Research
  • The positive impact of happy employees on an organization
  • Adopt some simple techniques to increase workplace happiness
  • Top things bosses can give employees
  • Attitude versus Skills – stop paying appearance fees!
  • How to minimize the impact of negative people
  • Explore the attributes of a great employee
  • Develop an armoury of behavioural interview questions to gauge motivation and mindset
  • Identify the vital ingredients for employee engagement
Happy Employees Training by The Mindspa Institute

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Course Duration: Flexible according to clients’ needs

Presented : In-house and online




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