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Self-Directed Teams


This workshop will explain how to create teams in your organisation with a diversity of skills and knowledge, who are collectively responsible and accountable for planning, managing, and executing tasks to reach a common goal.   The benefits of self-directed teams and the benefits it brings to your organisation are well-documented and especially relevant to today’s ever-changing business environment. 

Workshop Outline:

  • What is a self-directed team?
  • The main advantages ofself-directed teams 
  • Disadvantages of self-directed teams
  • How to create and build an effective self-directed team
  • What makes a self-directed team effective?
  • Five Key features of self-directed teams
  • Results of a mature self-managed team compared to typical hierarchical management
Self directed teams

Additional Information

Course Duration: Flexible according to clients’ needs

Presented : In-house and online



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