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5 Job entry skills under one umbrella

Entering the job market or applying for a new job is nerve-wracking. There are a few vital soft skills that Human Resource Managers look for in the ideal candidate. Whether you have the qualifications and experience is one thing, but most interviewers look for these 5 skills to determine whether you will be the right fit within their team.

  1. Problem solving and decision making – HR managers want to see if you would be able to think out of the box and make the right decision beneficial to both team members and the company. They want to know that you will be able to solve problems and think on your feet.
  2. Team work and people skills – Your interviewer would want to make sure that you would be able to function well in a team before appointing you. To adapt and deal with a diverse group of individuals but as a unit, will ensure your spot in the team. 
  3. Self-management and Emotional Intelligence – These are non-negotiable skills that every interviewer looks for in a potential employee. To know yourself and to be in touch with your emotions makes you a strong and competitive candidate. 
  4. Constant learning and personal improvement – The hunger for self-improvement and the willingness to continuously learn is vital to anyone wanting to climb the corporate ladder. Learning never truly stops, and interviewers want to see that you want to better yourself. This shows them that you not only care about improving yourself but that you also want to improve yourself to improve your work. 
  5. Listening and communicating – The ability to practice active listening and to communicate clearly and effectively, show the interviewer your leadership qualities. Automatically he/she knows that misunderstandings, conflict and goal deviation will be eliminated.    

These skills can be obtained by participating in soft skills training courses.