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5 Tips for the first few weeks in your new job?

You are ready for a change and considering a step in a different direction. In front of you is this road filled with the excitement of this new journey you want to explore in your career. But behind you are all the things that led to this decision to find a new job.

With everything that is a first, emotions and feelings can become overwhelming. You can even feel disorientated. Michael Watkins, the author of the preeminent guide The First 90 Days, calls the first three months in a new job the time most “fraught with peril and loaded with opportunity.” Research also stated that changing jobs is one of the most difficult and stressful things human experiences.

So you are looking for some tips:

Tip 1: Always carry your little notebook with you. Focus on spending time listening and taking notes. Make sure you really understand the company and their values. A little research goes a long way making you feel more comfortable.

Tip 2: Arrive early and leave late. During your first few months, everyone is observing. The best way to fit in is to study the behavior of your new co-workers. If you arrive early enough, you will be able to have time to chat with your new colleagues and establish relationships. By leaving late, you show dedication and commitment. This doesn’t mean work until midnight. Fifteen minutes after the workday is over, is a good guideline. We are just saying don’t wait for the bell, drop your pen and run out screaming “works over”.

Tip 3: Go the extra mile. Early in your career life, there are very few jobs that are below you. Everyone has to start somewhere. If you notice someone taking on a task no one really wants, offer to assist them. But make sure you have the time to take it on. Management instantly sees when employees go the extra mile. Should they be a company that takes care of their employees, doing this, will be a good return on investment.

Tip 4: Dress the part. Remember the saying “first impressions last”. Before starting your job, have a talk with the hiring manager or human resources department to make sure you understand what the acceptable attire is for your new workplace.

Tip 5: Show that you are a team player. Be cautious of suggesting new policies or strategies during your first few weeks. It might not be the best way to demonstrate you are a team player. You want to make a good impression as soon as you arrive at a new job, and show your new employer they made the right choice in hiring you and that you are a team player.

You will be OK. Remember that it takes a few weeks to get used to everything. Each company has their own culture and their own way of doing things. There are still lots to learn in assertiveness, confidence, problem-solving, decision-making, time management, leadership and the list goes on.