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6 Things women will learn about business.

“I don’t mind living in a man’s world, as long as I can be a woman in it” said Marilyn Monroe. Business Women require a dynamic and specialised skill set, while still enhancing womanhood which this interactive course promises. The aim is to energise, encourage, motivate and above all assist career women with their unique challenges in the South African Business World.

The Mindspa Institute is passionate about women in business and developing their skills across South Africa. “We believe South Africa is full of powerful women business leaders who can contribute immensely to the growth of any business which definitely has an impact on the economy,” Elmarie Pretorius Owner of The Mindspa states.

In a nutshell the Essential Business Skills for Women course teaches 5 things:

  1. How to Make a Crack in the Glass Ceiling. You will gain an understanding of leadership and how to be an outstanding leader by learning ethical value based leadership. Among talking about the common mistakes women make in business, certain workable Women’s management styles will be discussed.
  2. Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness and Self-Management. After defining what EQ is, the discussion will continue determining the characteristics of emotional intelligence, the importance of it in the workplace and how EQ skills can be improved. You will learn what to do with your emotions and the explanation of the Johari Window for Increased EQ will not only teach you about EQ but also about self-management tools.
  3. How to Be More Confident and Assertive. This section is very helpful and interesting as delegates learn to open up and talk about their own failures in business. How to deal with past failures and low self-confidence and how to create the right impression is always a hot topic during this course. You will learn to analyse your own levels of confidence and assertiveness in various situations to get what you want. During this part you also get top 25 positive words and phrases you can use to boast your own confidence.
  4. Say the Right Thing, at the Right Time, in the Right Way. You will learn the importance of communication and how to do so confidently and effectively by using the correct non-verbal behaviours for effective communication. Although there are a lot of barriers to effective communication, you will learn to practice active listening that you can use both in business and within your personal family life. You will learn how to communicate across gender differences and how to have a difficult conversation with your boss, colleagues, friends or family. Included in this section are tips and tools on E-mail etiquette; coping with confrontation; managing anger in yourself and others and how to calm down angry or aggressive people.
  5. Achieve Balance and Integration with Time and Stress Management. Why do you think you should manage your time better? There are a lot of benefits when you master time management skills. This course will help you identify your own time-wasters by doing the time management quiz. You will learn to prioritise and delegate effectively with Time management tips given. You will be able to identify you own stress levels and this course will teach you how to deal with stress on a business and personal level by implementing a stress management plan and breaking old habits.
  6. Uplift and self-motivate. Women sometimes go through a whole theme park of roller-coaster rides in one day. Being a business woman takes a lot of self-motivation, cultivating positive habits and setting achievable goals for yourself. This you will learn along with how to practically incorporate Stephen Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people©

One of the delegates, Nkhensane Nthate, the HR Manager for the Law Society of SA, commented: “Loved the course, I learned a lot and feel very empowered to go and make a difference as a woman in business.” Karien du Plooy, General Manager at Saveway Furnace Monitoring complimented The Mindspa Institute on this course with feedback: “I would love to have this course being longer. It was a wonderful experience.”