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7 Up-skilling Trends for 2019

Keeping with the trends are important for businesses to stay one step ahead of their competition. Your employees are your biggest asset. If they grow and succeed, the business grows and succeeds.  So it makes sense that Human Resources Managers should keep up to date with the latest trends in skills development and training. 

There is a huge gap between knowing and doing, especially when you cross over from post graduate to the working world, when you are promoted or even when you move from one job to the next. The Mindspa Institute, a preferred training partner nationally and abroad, identified 7 trends in the up-skilling of staff during 2019.

  1. Communication. The first trend identified is because of an increase of workforce diversity and adapting to change. Rapid changes in technology and workplace structures paired with an ever growing diversity of people, calls for a definite up-skilling in communications. Remember communication is not just verbal, but also non-verbal, learning presentation skills, being able to negotiate and don’t forget a big component which is to learn to listen actively. Because communication skills are ever changing up-skilling employees are important to align them with changes and diversity.
  2. Gamification. This does not have to cost the company loads of money. It doesn’t have to be an app measuring the rewards of sales teams. With this trend we purely say that physical game-like team building activities should be combined with a strategic skills education session. Employees enjoy and learn better when physical activities are combined with theory. 
  3. Employee benefits. If employees know that they are up-skilled, and that the company looks after their development, the learning and education within will be seen as an employee benefit. This will help develop talent, retain talent and attract new talent.
  4. HR skills for NON-HR. When you are in HR, you have a certain set of skills that make people want to talk to you. What if managers, supervisors and team leaders had those skills? They would be able to assist on the spot. They would be seen as more approachable and trustworthy. 
  5. Customized training content. Each company and every employee is different. Training programs and workshops have to be customised to align with not only the company and diverse staff, but also with the South African reality. There is no room any longer for a standard training program presented in a standard way. 
  6. Emotional intelligence. EQ is self-awareness and management combined with social awareness and management. Everything in the world is changing at a rapid speed. In 2019 EQ will be sought after skills, because it helps with effective change management. EQ skills helps you deal with stress, and it helps with practicing empathy that will lead to better decision making, problem solving and taking action. 
  7. Customer intelligence. Year after year customers also change. Their increasing information overload and their knowledge in technology, social media and marketing, makes targeting them with the right messages so much more difficult. The flip side of the coin is that all these elements give your company access to analytical data that you can use to dissect your customer and get to know them better.

Trends are there to assist us to keep with the times. If not a trendsetter, trend changer or a trend follower, you will be left behind. Your company will not evolve with the times. The year 2019 holds a promise of change, diversity and innovative thinking. Partnering with The Mindspa Institute to assist with your training program for 2019, will help you develop the greatest asset in your company…your staff. Invest in your employees so that they can take ownership and grow towards the organisational goals.