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8 Secrets to becoming a modern-day Super Office Professional.

Executive Assistants, PA’s, Secretaries, Office Managers or now a days referred to as Administrative Professionals, are all arguably becoming more valuable to organisations across the world. Despite of many technology gurus’ predictions, this profession has managed to evolve with the centuries. They were able to transform their role from being a supportive function to a more strategic one. However, it takes skill to becoming irreplaceable in the workplace and to keep up with this demanding role.

Have you managed to go through a transformation to turn into a modern-day Super Office Professional? Here are 8 secrets to becoming one:

  1. Keep calm…multi task and keep to your deadlines. This will show just how efficient you are.
  2. Keep calm…and make your boss look good. Behind every great Executive, is a Super Assistant.
  3. Keep calm…and sharpen your organisational abilities and time management skills.
  4. Keep calm…always be friendly and communicate efficiently and effectively.
  5. Keep calm…and have initiative, drive, motivation and dedication. Take on new challenges and continuously learn new skills.
  6. Keep calm…and don’t run away from new technologies. Enhance your IT literacy. Don’t be scared of technology and be up for new trends and challenges.
  7. Keep calm…and stay professional. Dress professionally and stay out of gossip conversations to remain trustworthy.
  8. Keep calm…and develop your project management skills. With these skills there will be no challenge, big or small, that you can’t take on.

Notice how every secret starts with “Keep calm…?” This is specifically so, to indicate that by remaining calm and relaxed you can look at everything clearly, strategically and analytically. Frantic secretaries hardly get anything done, because they lose control.

Developing your skills is very crucial to your career growth. The Mindspa Institute has a variety of courses available that focuses on up-skilling Office and Administrative Professionals.