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A Story About Motivation

Everyone has a story to tell. This is a story of the everyday people, frustrated and irritated road users overlook or don’t even take note of, on their daily trips. This is a story of PT Operational Services (Pty) Ltd who implemented their Phambili Campaign, by partnering with The Mindspa Institute as a training partner, to motivate and make a difference in the lives of their employees, through a series of motivational workshops.

Yes we are talking about lives of ordinary, hardworking South Africans who are toll-gate operators, route patrol drivers, comms clerks and other operational staff. The Phambili Campaign was a set of motivational workshops, developed, and implemented to invest in the motivation of the operational staff mainly to increase productivity, customer relations and job satisfaction.

But we achieved so much more.  True to the theme: “Go the extra mile….there is no traffic there”, we were able to encourage and motivate delegates to go the extra mile not only for others but also for themselves.

What the delegates had to say about their journey along the extra mile, was mind-blowing:

“My Mindspa moment was when I could point out the positives and negatives of our jobs. I felt heard and this workshop taught me respect for others and good communication skill go along way when giving customers service.”

“The biggest change for me after completing the workshop was that I felt self-confident. I felt more positive about my work and I am putting more effort into what I am doing. I’m not giving up.”

“I know feel like I can deal with and face any situation I come across. I am taking life as it is and learned to appreciate whatever comes across my path.”

“We all were given a lot to think about. We learned a lot of things and were give skills to communicate and give better customer service.”

“For me the most valuable lessons I’ve learned was how to solve problems and stay motivated so that I could come to work with a positive attitude.”

“The games were lots of fun. I bonded with my fellow colleagues and learned that I don’t have to win every argument. This workshop taught me to listen and that making excuses for everything won’t get me far in my life.”

“I am taking responsibility for my own life and happiness. I now make the most out of every minute I have. This new outlook I got from this workshop motivated me to better myself.”

“I enjoyed every moment of this course and started to see things differently. It changed my mind-set and I also learned to be more patient.”

“I remind myself everyday why I am working. I learned to appreciate and self-motivate. After hearing the facilitators life story, I must say, I changed for the better. I feel more supportive of others now and also take pride in my job.”

These are only a few of the comments we thought of sharing with you. Ordinary working people had something to share about what this campaign meant for them. With over 80 delegates to this motivational workshop, it’s safe to say that we achieved the campaign’s objective. Pt Operational Services kept true to their word when they said that this will be an ongoing process to motivate and invest in their staff. The next phase of their investment will commence in January 2018 with a strong focus on equipping their staff with Customer Service Skills by concentrating on the theme “Customer Service is an Attitude…Attitude is Everything!” So look out for the next chapter of this story.