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Black Friday Tips for Your Retail Sales Staff

Black Friday is an international “sale” or “discounts” event especially big in the retail environment whether it be in-store or online. This year it falls on 27 November, usually the fourth Friday of November each year. On this day shoppers can get massive discounts or offers on various products from participating retailers. Black Friday is also used as a drawing card to get customers into retail stores or get more traffic to e-commerce sites to buy other products as well. The stores also use this day to create brand awareness.

5 Tips for Retail Sales Staff to get the most out of Black Friday Sales

A downfall of Black Friday is the overcrowded shops as everyone is shopping around for the best deals. Your Retail Managers should help prepare the retail floor sales personnel to use the increased feet in the store as an advantage. Equip your sales staff with the right skills to deal with demanding customers on this day.

1. Choose salespeople with a great attitude.

From the beginning, choose who you hire as salesperson wisely. Your staff’s attitude can impact their overall performance and ultimately your store’s profitability. To train people to be great in sales is easy, but it is very difficult to change someone’s attitude and outlook.

Zig Ziglar said: “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

People with the right attitude are more flexible, eager to learn and motivated which makes it easier to train new skills. Salespeople with the right attitude will ultimately increase your sales because they will also give your customers a good sales experience and therefor reoccurring business. The Mindspa Institute offers an amazing workshop called “Customer Care is an Attitude”.

2. Invest in training programmes or workshops

Salespeople need to not only have product training but also training in skills like how to deal with a difficult customer, or techniques on how to close a deal etc. As with most industries, time is money, and yes, many training programmes can be time consuming. But proper training is still highly recommended. It will equip your sales staff with the correct knowledge and skills they need to be confident enough to sell, hence, making your business profitable at the end of the day. Consider quick half-day workshops on sales techniques, effective communication, customer service etc. Get a training partner involved who will customise various training programmes into workshops to fulfil your specific needs. Partner with a training company who uses various training methods to not only educate and train staff, but also to energize and motivate them. The Mindspa Institute offers all of this and more.

3. Communicate and Prepare

Prepare your sales staff in advance. They need to know all the specials and all the information pertaining to each product before Black Friday. Proper product training is essential and they need to know exactly what the special includes or excludes, for example, is delivery included? They need to receive all the details in writing and your managers must communicate it verbally to them as well so that they have a chance to ask any questions and clear up any uncertainties.

4. Explain how to create a pleasant customer experience

Brian Tracy’s advice is to, “Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.”

In other words serve your customer first before you can expect them to make a purchase. Although customers are penny-pinching and looking for value for their money, especially now in COVID times, “helping” rather than hard sell is essential. However, with all the COVID regulations in place, a friendly face is suddenly behind a mask, strict rules like social distancing sanitising and scanning makes it difficult for both the sales personnel to perform their duties and the customer to have a pleasant sales journey. It also impacts the customer’s overall shopping experience. Customers battle to hear sales staff with the masks on. They are now also nervous shoppers because of social distancing and are naturally irritated with all the sanitizing and scanning. Therefore, briefing your salespeople on dressing to impress, smiling with their eyes, talking a bit louder and clearer as well as respecting social distancing and having a bit more empathy with customers in terms of their irritability, will go a long way in the overall experience of the customer. Lastly, talk to your sales staff about not gossiping. Explain not to bad-mouth competition etc. as this automatically gives a negative impression of how you do business.

5. Be flexible and give support

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit more flexibility or support from management to sales personnel. Brain storm with them but set clear rules and boundaries of what they can discount and what not. Give your sales team a bit of space to think “out of the box”. Give them the opportunity to close big deals with added extras and discounts. If they feel their opinions and ideas matter, they will go the extra mile.

Using proven sales techniques and strategies during Black Friday is bound to make you successful sales. But if your floor sales personnel is not briefed properly and given the necessary support; don’t have the right attitude; are not knowledgeable and skilled in both the product and sales methods; and lastly don’t give the customer a positive shopping experience, all your efforts will be for nothing.

The Mindspa Institute have highly skilled training facilitators specialising in equipping sales personnel with the right tools, tips, techniques, and skills that can sell ice to an Eskimo. We also customize sales programmes to become power hours or half-day workshops in order to accommodate businesses who do not have the time to spend days on training.