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Do you have a severe case of Moodiness in the office? Here are 5 ideas on how to manage moodiness in the office.

Read this article and get your “moodiness vaccination” today to combat stress and irritation that is highly contagious this season. Sounds like an advertisement right? But all humour set aside, moodiness in the office can be a real problem sometimes. It is understandable that hormones are up and down, midlife crises looms and stresses at home flair up the anxiety at the office.

But how can you manage the moodiness in the office?

  1. Make sure YOU are not the problem. They say to always start with the man in the mirror. Also, reflect on your own mood. Be proactive and stay positive and upbeat.
  2. Maintain open communication and respect it. To pay attention to someone’s mood is important. Listen to how they communicate or learn to read their non-verbal signs and respect their need to be left alone or given some space and or time.
  3. Don’t contract the moodiness and don’t take it personally. As with positivity, laughter and a good mood, negativity, somberness and a bad mood can be contagious. Don’t let bad moods and negativity influence your mood and your performance at work.
  4. Teasing and triggering is an absolute NO-NO. Deliberately trying to upset someone even more or not putting your “sensitivity filter” on, will trigger moodiness even more.
  5. Anger is not the answer. Yes, moody people might get on your nerves, especially if it a regular thing. You might feel that sometimes people are moody for the wrong reasons or that they don’t have a reason even for it. But flaring up and shouting or screaming at these individuals will only make things worse. Stay calm and collected and rather refrain from being near that person.

Recognize the moodiness, stay clear of that person for a while and respect their needs. Or be a friend to whom they can talk to and seek advice from. However, if the problem persists, document it and then take control of it. It is then better to keep open lines of communication. Talk assertively to that person or team, determine the problem and find solutions together.