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Doing this, only 15min a day, can increase your team’s productivity!

Now, this is not by giving all your staff energy drinks to drink in the morning. According to me, energy drinks doesn’t give you real-life wings and no, you will not be able to fly through the day keeping all intact. But you don’t have to go through extreme sports or measures, for you to be able to increase your employees’ productivity on a daily basis.

You arrive at the office and every single person in your team looks like they are having a blue Monday when it is actually a sunny Wednesday. Everything is in slow-motion and you are trying to find the fast forward button so that everyone gets their work done in time. But how can you motivate your team to increase their productivity in a quick and easy way? Let’s face it you are not superman or superwoman so you need something realistic.

So here goes! Just regroup, realign, refocus, re-motivate, review, and reward. Instead of looking for the fast forward button, press pause. Call everyone to a casual meeting area to regroup. Employees who regroup in the mornings are given a chance to see someone smile, hear about someone’s experiences and have an emotional intellectual ride. In a very informal and quick manner recap what you did yesterday, find out if there are any problems you need to concentrate on or resolve for today.

After you are back and refreshed in the swing of things, refocus your team so that they know which goals to achieve for the day. Teams with clear goals and strategy get things done because everyone is on the same page running towards the same finish line.

Re-motivate them so that they understand why they are doing what they do. Most employees work because they have to. The least you can do is to boost their motivation levels. Give them something to work for. Find your team’s motivation driver.  

At the end of the day review their performance and productivity through a quick discussion and input by everyone.

Reward their efforts. What about having a ‘mug of the day’? If you run a sales team, why not give the person with the most sales during the day, a special mug to drink out for that specific day. Or ‘ring the bell’? Once a sale was made, that person rings the bell to announce the victory.

This will give your team purpose and drive. It will inspire them and help them focus on work rather on their reasons for being in a slump. They will start loving it to come to work.