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Globally, are South African women stronger in business?

It took a few years of experience in top executive positions in South African-owned businesses, to realize that women have a kind of pizzazz… a sort of flair that they bring to any business. Even more so does the South African women. When you think about what our women of this great nation endured, the struggles and fights for equality, it is amazing to know that we as South African women are rated amongst the best in business.

When you read the profiling and interviews done on some of the top business women in South Africa, you tend to stand in awe of what they achieved in spite of their situations and backgrounds. Although we are not there yet, considering South Africa is still young and new to gender equality compared globally, we are well on our way, I would think.

Research across the globe showed that women who are more involved in the decision-making processes of the company they work for, tend to help companies relate better to the customers. It also seems like women entrepreneurs grow every year. We can go on and list all the characteristic traits that we see amongst the top women business leaders in South Africa, but the main thing that I observed and that differentiate us South African women from our global counterparts is our sheer drive for growth within the business and the South African Economy.

South African business women are proudly South African. They tend to develop and promote the ideas that will promote community upliftment and create opportunities for others and especially women. Our business women stand together and create networking experiences so others can benefit. They believe in taking hands and supporting each other. Almost all of our business women leaders lead with empathy.

I think the business women of South Africa see the economy of South Africa as a young child who needs guidance and opportunities to grow. They act like the true mothers of the South African business network.

Sometimes I think of how it would be if we had a woman for president. Don’t you?