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Go the extra mile…there is no traffic there

Pt Operational Services (Pty) Ltd implemented their Phambili Campaign in Rustenburg and Pretoria, during the end of March 2017. The Mindspa Institute, proud training partner, developed a series of motivational workshops presented to their toll-gate operators, route patrol drivers, comms clerks and other operational staff.

The Phambili Campaign was a combined effort between the HR department of Pt Operational Services and The Mindspa Institute. A set of motivational workshops, developed and implemented invested in the motivation of the operational staff in order to increase productivity, customer relations and job satisfaction. The campaign was themed: “Go the extra mile….there is no traffic there”, to encourage and motivate delegates to go the extra mile for others and themselves.

This campaign ran for 2 days in Rustenburg and 3 days in Pretoria. During these workshops, the operational staff was motivated extensively and had the opportunity to learn various soft skills such as time management, breaking bad habits and dealing with stress. The Mindspa Institute’s highly qualified facilitators had a range of activities to motivate and boost the delegates. The facilitators helped the delegates to focus on having a positive attitude at work and towards life in general.

“We developed these motivational workshops especially to accommodate the needs that Pt Operational Services had. That is what makes The Mindspa Institute so unique. Courses and workshops are custom-made to suite the goals and outcomes of each individual client”, Elmarie Pretorius, MD at The Mindspa, said. The Mindspa Institute developed the Phambili campaign, took into account all the challenges they faced on a daily basis. The uniqueness of all the interactive activities made every person who attended will feel energized and motivated.

The tag line: “Go the extra mile…there is no traffic there” sums up the campaign’s objective. Pt Operational Services believe that this is only the beginning of an ongoing process to motivate and invest in their staff. “We want to invest in the workforce of South Africa. The motivation of our operators is a main priority for the management of Pt Operational Services this year. If our operators love their jobs, we equip them with the power to inspire and motivate the road users. In doing so we all create a better and safer journey for the people who travel daily”, says Leane Breedt-Maree, HR Manager for Pt Operational Services.

Each delegate received a branded thermal mug with the tag line on, to emphasize and remind the operators of what they learned. The time away from the normal daily work activities, created opportunities for staff to get to know each other and really communicate with one another. All parties involved are hopeful that communication channels were established and that this is only the beginning of a successful campaign going forward.

*Pt Operational Services (Pty) Ltd is the proud operator of Bakwena N1 N4 toll road for the last 15 years. The Company’s vision is to remain the preferred provider of the Operational and Maintenance Services on the Bakwena Platinum Toll Road by providing facilities and services that will enhance safe and user-friendly motoring. 

The company’s vision is to comply with all contractual obligations in order to promote the interests of their clients so as to ensure peace of mind motoring by providing services of highest integrity. They promote safe motoring by complying with the highest road safety standards and communication technology and promote strong corporate identity and image through excellent user relations in order to ensure long term growth. They further develop core-competencies of relevant communities and SMME’s by providing mentoring, training and development programmes as to ensure long term job security for all their employees and contractors.

Pt Operational Services has grown over the last couple of years and currently has just over 500 employees.