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How can you prevent crime in the workplace without being an expert?

On top of The COVID-19 virus, loadshedding and the recession, for South Africans Crime and Safety is a harsh reality we have to deal with on a daily basis. The CSIR wrote a manual called Making South Africa Safe: A Manual for Community-based Crime Prevention, where they say “Crime and violence affect the quality of life of every South African.”

Crime is unfortunately a pandemic that is fast taking over the world. With the announcement that South Africa is in recession the economy; fraud, corruption, theft, falsehood and violent crime is bound to increase. In realizing that people hurt others, one should understand that the chances of one becoming a victim of crime is no longer a mere possibility, but a reality.

 5 Things you can do to prevent crime and increase safety at work?

Crime and accidents can be very unpredictable. It remains everyone’s responsibility to stay vigilant, create awareness and educate staff members on personal safety tips. This will help with their general wellbeing. Setting up a crime prevention strategy or game plan for the workplace will prepare your staff to combat crime and increase the safety in and around the office.  Start by:

1.      Assessing and analysing the current risks, loopholes and safety.

Before you can start to do anything about crime and safety at the office, you need to know what’s going on in your business and with your employees. Start by doing a safety audit. Some companies even hire an external risk assessor. Determine the safety issues, identify the loopholes and evaluate the entire business in terms of crime and safety. Evaluate all processes and procedures (internal workings) as well as physical areas like parking lots, factories, office buildings etc.

2.     Educating your staff in Safety and Crime Prevention

Training your employees should not be intended to raise fear and panic, but rather serve as a practical guide to avoid becoming a victim of crime through tools, tips and having a game plan. Train your staff on how to close up some of the possible fraud or corruption loopholes in the workplace.  If your employees are aware of this and know what procedures and strategies are in place and should be followed, combatting white collar crimes can be prevented by standing together. Staff should also be made aware of how they can stay safe in their private lives. It will help with their overall wellbeing.

3.     Knowing that safety and crime prevention is for everyone

Education on safety and crime prevention is needed for all employees at all levels and in all industries, whether you sit at an office desk all day or work in a mine. Developing and communicating your Emergency or Safety and Crime Prevention Game Plan to your employees is essential. Accidents and crime can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. The best is to prepare for the worst.

4.     Never overlooking the Internet and cybercrime

Crime and violence occurs on many levels and the internet has made it much easier for criminals to get to you, your staff and the inside workings of your business. Educating and making your staff aware of how to use the internet, social media platforms etc. responsibly will make them more vigilant and will reduce cybercrime.

5.     Giving your staff personal safety and crime tools and tips

Give your staff practical advice. Train them on quick and easy self-defence and don’t only concentrate on safety at work, but also equip them with personal safety tips. Safety tips for when using the ATM, how to watch your body language, what to do in a car-jacking, nightlife safety, safety tips for people with disabilities, cyclists, runners, people who use public transport and the list goes on. This will show your employees that they are valued and in turn, they will value and prevent crime internally at your business.

If you need a training programme for your staff, The Mindspa Insitute offers a great one day workshop called Safety and Crime Prevention. The course details are on the website and is customisable to suit the needs of any corporate client. It includes things like: how to make yourself ‘less appealing’ to criminals; tips to prevent you from becoming a victim of crime; various office and personal safety tips; self-defence; tips for escaping or fighting back;  domestic violence prevention; construction safety; sexual assault etc. At the end of the workshop a Crime Prevention Game Plan for your business, your team and their families will be formulated.  The facilitator will lead the team to put together a practical game plan, including creating safety groups, communication tips etc. that the company can implement with immediate effect.