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How to become a “Customer Experience Leader”

Have you ever heard of the job title Customer Experience Executive or Chief Customer Officer or Customer Experience Manager? When you search these types of jobs online in South Africa there are roughly 316 vacancies just on LinkedIn that pop up. Companies are urgently looking for customer experience leaders because they are quickly realising that if they invest in the overall experience of customers and manage these experiences as part of their customers’ sales journey, it can improve their profits drastically. Another plus point is that companies who employ customer experienced leaders are way more ‘attractive’ than their competitors.

5 Key points to become a Customer Experienced Leader

“CX” refers to the term “Customer Experience” and an article mentions that it will “overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator by 2020, according to leading US customer experience analysts.” But how do you become a CX Leader?

  • Constantly upskill yourself. Emotions are at the centre of experiences. Leaders who have a high emotional intelligence, good communication skills and customer experience skills, and constantly develop their soft skills are focussed on their customers as people with emotions and know exactly how to build relationships.
  • Read more and stay current. Read case studies, books, blogs and articles that focus on CX. The more you learn about what is going on in various industries and markets, the more you will develop into an ‘expert’.
  • Learn from yourself as a Customer. Start observing yourself in a customer role. How do you feel and react in various situations? How do you experience products, services and the manner in which sales consultants deal with you? These are all things you should learn from.
  • Build Customer Loyalty. Consistently meeting the customers’ expectations will increase their loyalty. Develop and keep their trust. Go the extra mile and make life easier for your customer.
  • Attack the problems head-on. Be the leader with the solution. A CX leader tackles the customer’s problems head-on and come up with solutions that show the customers their value to the business. Problems are part of journeys, and how a leader reacts and resolves it maps out the customer’s road ahead along-side the business.

Customer experience is about the future of doing business. Shaping an organisation’s CX is a big leadership challenge hence the reason why CX leaders’ need leadership training combined with EQ, Communication, Customer Intelligence and Customer Service training. In doing so, these leaders are equipped to build high performance teams that can help them align their strategies with their customers’ experiences and ultimately increase the performance and profits of the business.

How can we help you invest in your leaders so they can become CX leaders?

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