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How to “whip your staff into shape” for 2022

Most people come back to the office after the festive holiday season feeling refreshed and re-energized. However, because they are rested, NOW is the perfect time to “whip” your staff into “shape” by focussing on motivation and upskilling them in various critical soft skills that they will need during 2022.  

Through this, management will efficiently be able to influence their employees’ performance and increase their productivity. Staff who are trained and upskilled are easier to work with and more open to communication. Regular upskilling of employees consequently makes them more positive which results in them influencing their peers to progress and grow. In turn, you will get your employees’ loyalty and commitment because it will boost their job satisfaction meaning that you retain your talent. 

Follow these 7 steps to whip your staff into shape during 2022

1.      Start by appointing motivated, self-starters and go-getters who want to drive success as much as you. 

2.      Align your employees with the company’s goals. If they know where you are headed, they can take you there. When they know what is expected of them, leading them towards the end goal is easy.

3.      Don’t be shy with the compliments. People who feel wanted and appreciated, want to grow your business. Being generous with your kind words and compliments will motivate your staff and build their loyalty.

4.      Keep them motivated. Try to make motivating your staff a regular exercise. Motivated staff are easier to manage, and they see solutions not problems. 

5.      Involve and engage with them regarding decision making. Don’t be afraid to ask for their help or to encourage them to assist their teammates and get involved. Give them authority to solve problems and to be involved with decision making. This will help them take ownership of their job responsibilities and will foster trust. 

6.      Adapt lifelong continuous training and upskilling of your team. A trained workforce is knowledgeable and have the confidence to outperform. Training assists with productivity, motivation, etc. 

7.      Focus on open communication channels and communicating effectively through a high EQ. If they know they can talk to you about anything and they know you have empathy towards them, they will feel like you really care about them. Practice active listening and put yourself in their shoes when faced with employee challenges. 

Lead your team this year with confidence. Take stock of your team’s skills levels and start implementing regular training sessions.

….for more detail on various soft skill course outlines that can be presented either via Zoom or in-person to your staff.