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Investing in the Youth of South Africa

There is an old African Proverb that says “it takes a whole village to raise a child.” Investing in our youth is up to all of us.

The 16th of June marks Youth Day 2017. Every year we celebrate Youth Day to recognize the role the youth played and still plays in South Africa. In light of this theme, The Mindspa Institute, a soft skills training company, decided to give something back. “The youth will be our future leaders, it is our responsibility to guide them, to help them and to lead them to greatness”, Elmarie Pretorius, Managing Owner at The Mindspa commented.

Imagine your own child without food, clothes, education or most importantly love. Every day there are millions of children who have urgent needs and no means to satisfy them. The youth of South Africa are our future leaders, if we do not invest our time, energy and resources in developing them; we are part of a bigger problem in our society.

Although The Mindspa Institute took part in a number of events and fundraising initiatives hosted by the Tshwane Child Welfare to assist them with raising their much needed funds, they recently made a cash donation as well to assist in the basic needs of their children.

During Youth Month it is important to focus on what the youth need to become great leaders and exceptional human beings. For them to achieve these types of goals, the basic needs must be addressed first.